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Victoria Rules
So, the yard then.

Math reason:
1s = 1y is simpler than 1s = 5ft.
Thing is, for most people that would immediately become 1s = 3ft; as (other than gridiron football players maybe) very few peole visualize distance in yards rather than feet.
The main drawback to this is losing the perfect square shape of contemporary D&D minis, as things like horses become a base of 1x2 instead of a base of 2×2.
I'm fine with that; the bases on modern minis are always too big anyway.

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Come by and join us sometime, then. ;)

There are numerous posters here on EnWorld who expound the same experiences I do, so whether you've seen it or not, it's out there.

Yeah, the bolded part is very true. Establish your rules for running the game from the beginning. Multiclassing is optional, and about half the groups use it IME and from the polls, etc. I've seen online. The ones who avoid it do so because it is easily abused. Feats are much more commonly used in the game, with over 90% of groups using them, even if some nerf or restrict some feats.

But advancing in both classes is a great compromise IMO and one I encourage if players want to multiclass. You are giving up depth for breadth, giving yourself more options but not quite as much power. My preference is for no more than a 2:1 split. For example at 3rd level (becoming 2/1), and by the time you reach 6th you have to be 2nd level in the other class (4/2 or 3/3), etc. so by the end you are have at least 7 levels in your "lesser" class (13/7).
I think, that not every 1-2 level dip is imbalanced, but when I plan a multiclass character 13/7 at level 20 is usually what I aim for. Sometimes I'd like to have the lvl 14 subclass ability as a capstone though. But 14:6 is also close enough to 2:1 split.

So I like your 2:1 ration restriction. I would be a bit more lenient in rounding though. I'd say a 3:1 split as maximum difference seems optimal.

Are the maximum splits allowed. Sounds flexible enough and not abusable.

I would not play in a game that forces you to have a 1:1 split.
Especially at level 20 I see no combination that would be better at 10/10 split than 11/9 in any combination.
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Argyle King


Or the game could step bravely into 1999 and adopt hexes.

Just don't use a grid at all and measure movement with a ruler.

That way maps don't need to have all buildings and features be square.

From the WoTC side of things, they could then also sell "official" plastic rulers. If people are willing to pay extra for "official" dice and character sheets, I imagine they could be swayed into paying $4-$5 for what would normally be a 75 cent plastic ruler.

Argyle King

There is a reason I don't play miniatures games.

I always wanted an F-35 in game.

🤷‍♂️ 1 inch = 1 square/hex

Avoids the issues of needing to fit the world into perfect squares or having partial hexes inside of buildings.

The special "official" WoTC rulers wouldn't even need to have numbers. You just have a strip of plastic with unmarked lines or notches on it.

If you're using a virtual tabletop, distance is already measured for you.

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