D&D General When D&D Co-Creator Dave Arneson Asked WotC For A Job!

Back in 1997, after WotC had purchased the failing TSR (and D&D), and just prior to the launch of D&D 3E, Dave Arneson -- who co-created D&D in the 1970s along with Gary Gygax -- wrote to WotC president Peter Adkison asking to be put in charge of TSR.

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Ben Riggs -- author of Slaying the Dragon -- discovered Arneson's letter to Adkison while researching his history of D&D.

The letter was full of typos -- Arneson even got Adkison's name wrong! According to Riggs, Adkison did not reply, and Arneson wrote to him a second time.

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I crit!
Oh, here it is!
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The EN World kitten
And I think that there was a higher tolerance for people who ... admired (is that the preferred word) the Axis in WW2 among the wargaming set than there was in the general population.
Have you ever read Mark Barrowcliffe's The Elfish Gene? He mentions the following scenario from when he got into D&D back in the mid-70s:

On the night I discovered D&D, I was at the wargames club fighting the battle of Stalingrad. I was competing against a fourth-year, Kevin Gerling, who was being the Nazis.

Gerling was always the Nazis, for the very good reason that Gerling was a Nazi. This isn't some trendy lefty insult for someone whose politics are a little bit blue, it's an accurate and impartial description. In fact, it was Gerling's description. At fourteen years old he believed in the extermination of the Jews, thought the overwhelmingly white school should address its 'race problem' and had proposed, in a letter to the headmaster, that the older pupils should be allowed to wear SS insignia 'to encourage respect'.

The headmaster had responded, as he did to almost any pupil who came to his attention, by caning him – not for the suggestion but because Kevin had his top button undone when he was summoned to explain himself.

'Console yourself, you'd have got a lot worse if you'd turned up like that in front of Himmler,' said the head to the sobbing youth.
For what it's worth, by the end of the book, he says that Gerling had grown out of it, and was rather embarrassed to be reminded of how he'd acted when he was younger.


The EN World kitten
Oh, is this it? $15 for 12 pages.
Personally speaking, I found it worthwhile. I make sure to pick up a copy of everything that Rob Kuntz puts out with regard to the history of the hobby. His tribute to Don Kaye was very heartfelt, I thought.


Von Ether

Geesh that is painful to read. The term "professional" has so many different levels it would seem. It's amazing how TSR went through so many grade school level dramas. They basically dug their own grave. It was the consumer that suffered that most.

Sadly, it seems to be a mistake the industry keeps repeating to point that if someone says a product is "For gamers, by gamers," I see red flags, instead of a plucky startup.

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