D&D (2024) Which section of the 2024 PHB will you check out first?

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No plan to buy the PHB, but the section in the DMG I plan to check out first is Bastions, followed by the "create a spell" section (after being completely disgusted by the waffling in the current DMG and its 'eh, we'll give you this damage chart we don't even use' and having to go search for a web site with more complete advice)

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My one complaint about 5e was that martials didn't get a bonus to hit over what other classes got. The Fighter got the same +2 to +6 proficiency to hit in combat that any other class did.

That never sat well with me.

If that's fixed, I'll buy the PHB.

If it's not, I won't.
While I appreciate the merits of being a single-issue voter, there has been, from what I can tell, absolutely no discussion of this particular change in relation to the playtest documents.

Do you have any reason to believe this change will be made, or is even on the designers' radar?
I would say there is no real likelihood you are going to be buying the PHB if what you say is the case.


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I think I’ll just start at the start. I’m really curious about a lot, but I don’t want to miss anything.
This, especially because one of the things they’re touting is a new approach to organizing the content. I want to see it in the order they’re presenting it!


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I'll probably just skim through the whole thing. I like reading the lame openings where tell you what an RPG is and how my imagination is a infinite well of potential and yadda yadda.


I think I'll skip to the Druid and Sorcerer first (my fav core classes), then go back and read through the whole book.


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Backgrounds. It's one of the larger changes in the game

Since I am currently rewriting all backgrounds for my houseruled 5E (working title, "Vanity 5E" because that's what it is, a vanity project), this would likely be my first browse. But maybe in three months I'll be re-designing feats, so it will be the feat section instead. We'll see.

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