D&D (2024) Which section of the 2024 PHB will you check out first?

I'd probably skim and maybe look deeper into any specific option that I generally like - ie I'd check out dragon born and warlocks and certain feats and spells before I read the rest of the races and classes.

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I think I'll just flip through the book looking at art and layout. Unless something catches my eye on my flip-through, I'll probably check out species first.


I will be reading the book in order to try to avoid out-of-context misunderstandings. Probably I'll skim over the intro chapter a bit, since I don't need a basic introduction to roleplaying concepts. But otherwise, my experience is that skipping around leads to confusion and missed context. A well laid out book presents the material in an order to facilitate understanding, and I will respect that.

(Yes, not every D&D book is 100% well laid out. The amount of jumping around you need to do to try and understand how stealth works in the 2014 PHB is criminal. But still, it's better to go in order than to skip around.)


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This is an interesting question!

In terms of looking up points of interest, I will flip to the classes - specifically Fighter and Cleric, because those are the classes I know the 2014 version of the best.

But I will browse through looking at the art a lot!


Likely the first step would be to glance at/skim the section on character creation to see how much (if any) it has been improved followed by looking for any optional or variant rule sidebars that provide useful tools. Listing two because I give decent ods that the first will be basically unchanged at an immediate glance resulting in an immediate shift to the other


Oddly, I'm probably going to the equipment section myself. Very curious about the final form of weapon mastery, and curious if they're going to fix armor at all. After that I'm looking for the adventuring rules, such as travel.

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