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Who's the best Superhero?


Well, that was fun
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I'm testing the Question Thread functionality, and figuring out how it works, and thought this would be a fun way to do it.

Each reply should be a nomination for a Superhero and why you think they're the best (whatever 'best' means to you). Each Superhero can only have one nomination, so it's strictly first-come first-served.

Don't post anything else in this thread. Just a nomination for a Superhero that has not yet been nominated. I'll delete anything else.

People can then use the upvote and downvote functionality to vote for the Superheroes.

What fun, eh?

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock


The blind, bookish, son of a boxer. The hero who has had the best range of writers under either of the big two houses over the past 40 years -- not just Miller, but Bendis, Brubaker, Waid, Soule. Blessed with amazing artists. By making him a lawyer, actually improves on the law/justice polarization found in Batman.

No powers beyond his senses, firmly located in his part of New-York as a street-level hero, who is still somehow an A-lister. Beat up more than any other superhero, yet still always comes back.

Successfully transferred to TV.

Also, the cover that blew my mind as breaking all the rules, and drew me back to comics after being away for 5 years.

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Skurge, the Executioner.
He wasn't a hero for long. But when he was, it was the pinnacle of Walt Simonson's legendary run on Thor, the most awe inspiring set of five pages in all Marveldom, and the greatest death scene in the history of comics.

He stood alone at Gjallerbru, and that answer is enough.


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Shroompunk Warlord

Aberrant Druid
This is going to sound like straight-up trolling, but hear me out: Jessica Jones


Because very very few superheroes really understand the concept of "fate worse than death" like she does, and even fewer are capable of knowingly risking those fates, for others' sake, like she does.

She's been shattered and she's barely capable of holding the pieces together-- but she will use those broken pieces of herself to disembowel someone else's boogeyman, no matter what it costs her.

I've got superheroes I love better-- some already mentioned-- but she's hands-down my pick for the best.

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