Will you be gaming in 20 years?

Will you be gaming in 20 years?

  • Yes. And I'm going to be writing the books to!!

    Votes: 64 28.4%
  • Yes. I'll be playing and/or DMing forever

    Votes: 137 60.9%
  • No. I imagine by then family/work/etc will keep me too busy.

    Votes: 16 7.1%
  • No. I'll be tired of it by then.

    Votes: 8 3.6%

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Silver Moon

Hell Yes! Our group is now on its 21st continuous year, with four founding players and two who have been around for almost that long. We have a running joke about how we will all wind up in the same nursing home, and have the nurse's aids bring us down to the lounge each night to game.

Seriously though, I figure in another decade our next generation will be at the table as well, since one player has started a group for his 13-year-old, and my 9-year-old has been having a blast helping me create NPC's and stories for my current module.

Elf Witch

First Post
I am a late bloomer. I did not start gaming until six years ago when I was 39. It has become such an important part of my life so I have to say yes I will still be gaming twenty years from now.


First Post
As someone who took a near 20 year break (took finding the gold box 3E adventure game in the WotC store at the mall to get me back into gaming), I don't see myself stopping. I regret all the years that have passed that I could have been gaming.

I've gotten my kids into the hobby. They like playing D&D. My son loves CCG's. I just started getting into Warhammer and hope to get him involved as well.

So, I'm definitely going to be playing in 20 years.



First Post
Roleplaying is my primary passion, my creative outlet, the oral tradition by which I intend to pass stories on to my descendants. Something could change that, but it would have to be something that I can't even imagine now.


Princess of Florin
Like Elf Witch, I came to the hobby late. But I was born to game. I can't imagine not doing it. If I can't find players in the real world, then I'll DM and play online. Unless my mind goes, I will continue to game.


i said yes, but i don't really know. but i've been gaming longer than pretty much anything else in my life, so i imagine its a yes.

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