Winter IrondDM (Winner)!


I've gotta tell you, that I genuinely enjoyed the simple, concise, direct feel of your entry. Wrightson and Penelore were fantastic NPC's, and your use of the canal locks was brilliant!! I live in a state where such things are not totally uncommon, and the thought never even dawned on me. I'm not saying that seasong's entry was poor or in any way undeserving of victory, but I wanted you to know that IMO you did an admirable job!

Congrats...and thanks for posting an entry even longer than mine :p. It's one thing to include an array of PC hooks and plot twist devices, but your story takes the cake! And for my part, I really enjoyed the potential volcanic disaster subsequent to the diamond's removal from the mines -- it made me recall the frozen waterfall element from one of my Holiday Iron DM entries.
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Round 1, Set 4

mythago vs. mirthcard

Tropical Island
Athletic Team
A Correct Paranoia
Gauntlets of Swimming and Climbing

The time is now 2:20PM EST, you have 24 hours. I may end up judging on Sunday, tho

Good luck!
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Now that I've won ;), here's the reasons I thought I'd lost:

1. Greybar's format looked very much like mine... by which I mean that many of my strengths (a list of hooks, flavorful NPCs) were in the hands of the opponent. ARGH :D.

2. Ingredients: We were both pretty strong on the moaning diamond, fogged window and city captain, and decent on the financial coup. Greybar was decent on gargoyles, strong on the simple lock, and I felt that I was only decent on both.

3. In the same way that I used the financial coup to frame the scenario, Greybar used the lock... and I felt that his frame was definitely cooler. Mine is more tailored to my tastes for politics, but who wouldn't want a dashing sword fight at the lock?

4. Which brings up the biggest point: style. I felt the swash in my blood buckling. I'm going to run this scenario at some point, modified only enough that my players won't immediately recognize it. My scenario, while it is certainly complete and interesting, is nonetheless a pretty typical series of challenges and vicious political infighting... cool, but not necessarily stylish.

I won on the strength of a single ingredient (my triple-threat no-holds-barred diamond wu shu), but as judge I would have picked Greybar. Not that I'm going to relinquish my death grip on this win ;).

Isida Kep'Tukari

I've always enjoyed these threads, and I have loved the ideas presented in this particular competition especially. The contestants do great work! :D

[off topic hijack] Nifft that is the cutest little penguin ever! [/off topid hijack]
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awaiting Greybar exposition, pretty please!

And seasong, old pal - not for nothing - you barely won. :p Greybar's scenario was STRONG. The "fly" spell loophole bugged me, somewhere deep in my DMs cap.
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