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WotC has removed this week's Unearthed Arcana from its website. Not only has the article's web page itself been removed, the actual PDF has been replaced with last month's "Subclasses, Part 1" PDF (although it's URL still reads... /UA2020-Subclasses02.pdf).

The article included three new subclasses, the bardic College of Creation, the cleric's Love Domain, and the sorcerer's Clockwork Soul.

[NOTE - NSFW language follows].

I don't know if it's linked, but WotC came under criticism on Twitter for its treatment of the Love Domain. The main argument isn't that mind-control magic has no place in the game, but rather that coercive powers should not be described as "love", and that the domain might be poorly named.

People like game designer Emmy Allen commented: "It seems WotC have tried to create a 'Love' domain for clerics in 5e. By some sheer coincidence they seem to have accidentally created a 'roofie' domain instead. Nothing says 'love' like overriding your target's free will to bring them under your power."

That domain was introduced as follows: "Love exists in many forms—compassion, infatuation, friendly affection, and passionate love as a few facets. Whatever form these feelings take, the gods of love deepen the bonds between individuals."

The powers were Eboldening Bond, Impulsive Infatuation ("Overwhelm a creature with a flash of short-lived by intense admiration for you, driving them to rash action in your defense”), Protective Bond, and Enduring Unity.

Whether the criticism was a factor in the article's withdrawal, I don't know. It might be that it just wasn't ready for prime-time yet. It seems the domain itself would be better named a "control" or "charm" domain than a "love" domain, which seems to be the main thrust of the criticism on Twitter.

WotC's Jeremy Crawford commented: "The official version of the Unearthed Arcana article “Subclasses, Part 2” is still ahead of us, later this week or sometime next week. Our team will hold off on answering questions until you’ve seen the real deal!"

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

It's a labelling issue. If it had been called the 'Domination Domain' it probably wouldn't have been a problem.
I mean, would you rather there be no such thing aa a love domain? There is in many editions many emotional domains. One of the most popular and romaticized is love. Its fine to have a domination domain. But dont you also want deities relevamt to love to have a love domain? I know a lot of people do.

Secondly, if you have one, why wouodnt it involve a lot of mind effecting spells?

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Mod Squad
Staff member
which pattern, the one where I get increasingly frustrated, or the one where you ignore this key aspect of being charmed?

Mod Note:

If you are getting that frustrated, it is likely time for you to walk away from the conversation.

The thread is long. Growing frustration is likely due to folks begin dug into their positions. It is not clear that any further motion or learning is apt to take place. Meanwhile, WotC has made revisions, and published a new domain, making the point rather moot.

I'll review again, but I expect we'll be able to close this shortly. Thank you, everyone, for your input.


Well, that was fun
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I really don't understand why we're having such a big discussion about it.

WotC chose to change something they are designing. They are allowed to do so, and it doesn't matter what prompted them to make the change.

Those of you who didn't want it changed, or wanted a chance to say your piece when the eventual survey came out... tough crap for you. You are not owed anything and they can do whatever the hell they want.

You don't like it? I'm sure they'd be happy for you to take your business elsewhere. You just have to decide what's more important... playing this game that WotC has produced, or stop playing it because you don't like the political stance you think WotC took. But I can guarantee you, they aren't going to care what your decision is either way. And thus bitching about it here is resulting in absolutely nothing other than giving you something to do for a couple hours until a more interesting thread gets created for you to post in. ;)
You appear to have just engaged in a big discussion about it. ;)

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