WotC WotC Removes Release Dates From Promo Images For 2024

On Friday, WotC shared a bunch of images of 2024's D&D releases, which included release dates for each book.
The images were initially shared during a panel at PAX Unplugged, and were shortly after shared widely on the official D&D social media outlets.

However, a few hours later, all those images were removed from WotC's social media, and were later replaced by images without the release dates.


Additionally, the '2024 Core Rules' image was replaced with a caption saying '2024 Player's Handbook'.

It's not clear why they were removed, whether those release dates are incorrect, or if they simply weren't supposed to be shared yet. But since we shared those images too, we should note that it's possible the dates we shared might not be set in stone. More info if and when we have it!

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And at the same time, less excusable; particularly when - as was the case in a large company I used to work for - the miscommunication continues even after the problem* is repeatedly pointed out.

* - in this case, scheduling national events e.g. a company-wide conference call for certain times but neglecting to say what time zone the stated time applied to (there was no default - some times were auto-adjusted for local time and some were not); a big deal in a country that spans 6 time zones convering 5.5 hours.
Yeah, I've seen some gnarly communication issues.


WotC pulls release dated images shared during PAX Unplugged.

Wizards of the coast has pulled all social media they are in charge of that shared images with release dates. Weather that means the release dates were wrong or just not supposed to be shared is unclear.
They seem to have reposted all the announcements without any fixed dates, and the Core Rulebook image only promises the PHB for 2024 now. I'm guessing they were not supposed to share the dates, and they certainly weren't supposed to imply that all 3 rulebooks were coming at the same time.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
The feedback they got from the playesters on the release dates was less positive than they had hoped, so they are going to rework them and give us a new iteration of the release dates in the next packet.
Since when have they iterated on things that got poor feedback in this playtest. More likely they’ll scrap these release dates and revert to the 2014 version.

That’s right: it has already been out for 10 years! Surprise!

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