D&D 5E Quests From The Infinite Staircase Coming July 2024


An adventure collection coming next summer with updated versions of classic adventures.

Update--WotC has taken down the promo image and replaced it with one without a release date. See more here.
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As has been said, hopefully this is more Ghosts of Saltmarsh than Yawning Portal, with the adventures rewritten to match 5E expectations and fleshed out to today's standards.

Also, porn 'staches on drow 100% need to be the fashion once again.
Well, they did they all tie together with this new BBEG, so some interlocking material is to be expected, ao more than Yawning Portal.

While I'm starting to sour on the anthology format, I just finished running Monte Cook's original Tales from the Infinite Staircase so I'm pretty excited to see an at least spiritual successor.

Also, this confirms that Wizards isn't done with Planescape yet, which is very good in my mind.

Ray Winninger has an adventure in that.

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