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D&D General Would The Kings Ex Lover be happy with her daughter, The Kings illegitimate Child, being given The Following Barony in return for her silence?


The king giving an illegitimate child a big fat rich feudal hold will set the normal nobility off. Nobility is supposed to be exclusive. The mother can expect every dirty trick in the book to come her way, plus brute-force assassination attempts aimed at her and the child. Her survival instinct will tell her to take a post as Special Member Of The Royal Entourage instead.
In my opinion not only can the mother expect every dirty trick in the book to come her way its likely that every dirty trick that isn't in the book will also be coming her way

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Others have commented on the problems with awarding the bastard child so greatly so I won't repeat it.

A child of a concubine would be more likely toeventually be hired onto a position like a lady's maid. Valet, stablemaster etc by some noble or well off merchant. If male they might go into the military (possibly as a low ranking officer), that was pretty normal & accepted. That would not likely be done with any title but depending on the mother they might be allowed to use her family name should they prove themselves exceptional in some useful way like being married off to the fourth son of an influential merchant.

Landing any of those were considered great opportunities & probably the most they would get unless something happened to the legitimate children of the king (ie death by any number of childhood diseases) at a young age where the child could be quietly swapped in for appearance purposes hoping nobody noticed.


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