D&D 5E Wrestlers Join the D&D Live Fray!

In addition to Jack Black and others, WotC's 'D&D Live' event this year will feature a game called The Chaos of Carnival Table played by a group of wrestlers: Xavier Woods, Ember Moon, MACE, and Tyler Breeze. Aabria Iyengar, the DM of Critical Role's new show Exandria Unlimited, will be Dungeon Master. D&D Live is July 16th-17th.


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In my current game, the major orders of paladins are based on wrestlers. Every paladin is based on a wrestler. Low level bards make money playing their entrance music.

I ook out Lawful and Chaotic and replaced them with Face and Heel because my players understand it more.

Awesome lol.

Face/heel is entering general internet talk.

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Wrestling and D&D have a lot of fun crossover potential.

I recently replayed my 5e viking pirate valor bard who was modelled heavily on being a WWE star. A 14 strength but his 20 Charisma makes it look like a 20 strength. Attitude and spotlight made him seem a bigger badass than his stats would indicate. It was a lot of fun to hand out bardic inspiration to people "because I'm awesome!"


I crit!
I’m not a wrestling fan. I have watched stuff about wrestling and enjoyed that.
maybe I should give wrestling a try.
I had a dear friend pass away and only at his funeral, when a herd of wrestlers showed up to honor him, did I find out he was a huge fan.

I definitely want to watch this game.

You're not helping lol.

Not even The Rock could get 4E over.
The Rock couldn't get Roman Reigns over at the Royal Rumble. That's not because of his quality as a wrestler (he's excellent) or his quality on the mic (he's OK). It's because they tried to push him before he was ready, there was too much management interference, and an internet hate campaign that made booing Roman Reigns the thing that was cool.
I don't watch and know who MJF is. Wish AEW did screen here would watch it.
I'm not sure what he's doing now - but MJF is the best young heel wrestler I think I've seen since The Rock (arguably Pentagon Jr. on Lucha Underground). He's really got the knack of making the crowd wanting to see him destroyed.

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