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Charles Dunwoody


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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody

Swords & Sorceries Brings Ancient Myth to Dungeons & Dragons 5E
  • 7
On a storm-wracked sea, the ship the Heart of Iron heads for the island of a long-forgotten, long-abandoned temple holding untold treasure left by an extinct people who sacrificed it to placate a...
Paladin, How Are You Righteous?
  • 47
Your paladin is a knight renowned for courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak. You do what is right no matter the cost. But why? And how do you show your righteousness?
New Year, New Campaign
  • 3
As 2019 wraps up, Christmas may bring you new RPGs which encourage you to consider starting a new campaign in 2020 Even if you have an ongoing campaign, you might want to think ahead if you need...
Barbarian, Why Do You Rage?
  • 38
Your barbarian sees his hated foe and rage fills him, fueling his upcoming attacks. What does that rage look like—out of control, cold, or emotionless? And why does he rage at all? Answer these...
Space is Not the Only Thing Trying to Kill You in the Alien RPG
  • 60
Making a living in space is not easy. Radiation, micro meteors, and no food, air, or water. A mistake can take your life. And mankind is not alone. There are hostile things lurking in the shadows...
Face a Dire Threat in Mutant: Year Zero and Stop the Gray Death
  • 0
The Gray Death is a 96 page full color hardcover adventure for Mutant: Year Zero. I was provided a print copy to review. Spoilers about the adventure follow.
Brave Desert Sands to Save a Storyteller in the Scheherazade RPG
  • 41
In The One Thousand and One Nights Scheherazade saved her life by telling the Caliph one thousand and one stories, one night at a time. But in this RPG, after the one thousandth night...
An Interview with Lawrence Whitaker of the Design Mechanism
  • 19
Lawrence Whitaker agreed to discuss all things Design Mechanism with me including Mythras and the upcoming Lyonesse and Casting the Runes RPGs.
Time Travel for the Future of Mankind in Out of Time
  • 5
Travel through time, switch bodies, and solve a series of mysteries to save the world in the Tales from the Loop: Out of Time adventure. For GMs running games in the modern world, an additional...
BOO! Share Some Scares with a Halloween One-Shot
  • 0
Halloween is a great opportunity to try horror gaming in a one-shot maybe as a break from an ongoing campaign. If your players are used to fantasy then a detour into a Halloween adventure can be a...
Meet Shane Ivey: An Interview with Arc Dream Publishing
  • 2
Shane Ivey agreed to discuss all things Arc Dream Publishing with me including Delta Green and his Swords & Sorceries D&D 5E adventures inspired by ancient myth.
Wendy’s Presents: Feast of Legends (a Late Night Review)
  • 31
I have to be honest. I have a lot of adult responsibilities going on. What Stephen King calls stark raving reality. So when Wendy’s (yes the hamburger joint) released an art and map filled 93 page...
Face Unending Horror to Prove Your Mettle: Experience Never Going Home
  • 3
Officers sacrifice us to unlock the powerful Whispers of otherworldly Things from beyond the torn Veil. We’re all at constant risk of Corruption. I have managed to escape so far, but soon there...
Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Judicator? A Review of Mutant: Elysium
  • 2
Play a judicator and try to keep law and order in the decaying enclave of Elysium. You want your House to lead the way back to the surface and a new dawn in Mutant: Elysium.
Meet Brian St.Claire-King, Publisher and Writer of Vajra Enterprises
  • 0
Brian St.Claire-King agreed to an interview about his company, Vajra Enterprises and RPG works. He has authored several books using his ORC (Organic Rule Components) rules like Hoodoo Blues the...
Meet Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams of Triple Ace Games
  • 6
Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams, co-founder of Triple Ace Games, kindly responded to my request for an interview. He has authored several books for Savage Worlds Hellfrost and Ubiquity Leagues of...
David Kizzia, Monkeyfun Studios, Discusses RPGs and Orangutans
  • 0
David Kizzia of Monkeyfun Studios, kindly agreed to an interview about his company and RPG work. Monkeyfun publishes the Spirit of 77 and Bedlam Hall RPGs and recently kickstarted a town called...
Change the World as a Fate-Chosen in the Fateforge Core Rulebook
  • 9
Fate-chosen undertake great adventures, fight dangerous monsters, resist protean corruption, and overcome insidious threats in Fateforge, a quintessential D&D experience. Fateforge consists of five books with this core book as book one.
Stay on Budget, Search for New Life in Elevation
  • 8
The explorers of Elevation seek out new life and new cultures in a universe driven by greed and profit. On a shoestring budget and with outdated gear they pursue a noble vision of lifting up new worlds in the RPG Elevation.
Paul Elliott, Zozer Games, Publisher and Writer on the Alien RPG
  • 7
Paul Elliott, founder of Zozer Games, kindly responded to my request for a written interview. He is the author of the Hostile RPG and has worked on the upcoming Alien RPG.

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