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Pathfinder Strategy Guide Delayed Until February
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The Pathfinder Strategy Guide has been delayed again. The character optimization book which contains "walkthroughs of all 11 core classes [to] help you create and customize exactly the characters you want to play" has had a bad print run.
Do you speak Japanese? WotC is hiring!
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WotC is looking for a graphic designer fluent in Japanese. This likely means that translated versions of products are in the pipeline, although some way off yet, although it doesn't mention D&D specifically - so they could be talking about collectible card games or other WotC brands.
Tabletop Gaming's "Golden Age"?
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It's focused more on boardgames than RPGs, but The Guardian features an article about gaming's golden age, which it describes as "sociable, brilliant and driven by the internet". The article points out that game purchases, while still dwarfed by video games, increase 25%-40% every year.
The DMG Disclaimer Contains Some Secret Useful Advice!
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In each of the D&D 5th Edition core rulebooks, there has been an amusing "disclaimer" from WotC inside the front cover. The Dungeon Master's Guide is no exception! But this one, I think, contains an actual nugget of good GMing advice.
[UPDATED] Glimpses of the DMG!
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Various bloggers and the like have been receiving copies of the D&D 5E Dungeon Master's Guide in advance of its release at preferred stores on Friday. Some have been posting small snapshots of the interior revealing bits of content. Here's what I've managed to find.
Which are the best Paizo Adventure Paths?
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It's a common question- indeed one I've needed to answer myself in the past. Which APs should I check out? With the new ratings/comments system here at EN World, you can view all of the official...
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The folks over at Trapdoor Technologies told us a couple of weeks ago about the termination of their license with WotC to product electronic tools for D&D 5E. Fan reaction was varied, but held an oddly aggressive tint towards Trapdoor. Trapdoor's Chris Matney explained a little about the split to Mad Adventurer's Society, saying that “The challenge we faced was a fundamental difference in approaches.”
DUNGEON MASTER'S GUIDE Excerpt: Downtime Activities!
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With just 3 days to to go until the D&D 5th Editon Dungeon Master's Guide hits preferred stores, this page from the book looks at downtime activities including building a stronghold, carousing, and crafting magic items! http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?387178-DMG-excerpt-Carousing!
D&D 1E/3E to 5E Monster Converter
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This is a very impressive tool. Based on Stan Shinn's conversion system, and on this thread here on EN World, you simply enter an older-edition monster and the system spits out a correctly...
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While an actual boxed set doesn't exist, the various components of one - less the box itself - do. This is what I would like to see in a boxed set for the ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path. The 550-page hardcover, card deck, player handout cards, and the Extended Player's Guide.
What did you think of The EMERALD SPIRE SUPERDUNGEON?
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The Emerald Spire Superdungeon is the largest adventure ever set in the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It features a slew of industry veteran game designers and authors. What did you...
Pathfinder Battles ICONIC HEROES Set #1
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Erik Mona has previewed the Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes Set #1, the first in a series of monthly non-random iconic character sets that hit stores in January 2015. This first glimpse looks at Valeros, Seoni the sorcerer, and Sajan the monk.
60 New D&D 5E Fan Creations For Your Game!
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This is another of my D&D 5th Edition fan resource compilations where highlight cool community created items from around the web. The sheer amount of fan content and activity around this new edition of D&D is a strong sign of how well it's doing.
New for PATHFINDER: Rules Reference Cards & Ranged Tactics Toolbox
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A couple of new items have just been released for the Pathfinder RPG. The first is a box of rules reference cards which is a 110 card deck covers Combat, Environment, Skills, and Magic-related rules; and the second is a sourcebook for ranged characters, with new feats, equipment, and archetypes. Finally, there's a new Hero Lab update with a pile of new Pathfinder datasets for sale.
D&D Tools Website Closed
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A few people have dropped me emails to tell me that the D&D Tools website has been closed. In its place is a message which indicates that WotC sent them a Cease & Desist request, with which they appear to have complied. I'm not very familiar with the site, but it contained a lot of 3.x era D&D official content.
New News Page Layout
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This is just an experiment - I'm not sold on it. The idea is that bigger news items dropped out of sight pretty quickly with the old format, while this one allows more to be seen at a glance. On the downside, it also makes it look a lot like every other news site on the web. The difference isn't as big as it appears at first - it's just that individual items are collapsed rather than expanded by default, in an attempt to make more room. Other than that, it's the same.
It's A NUMENERA Kinda Week!
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There have been various bits and pieces about Monte Cook Games' Cypher System (and its games, Numenera and The Strange) over the last week. I've saved them up so that I could put them in a new post of their own - Cypher system reviews, The Strange Bestiary, Shotguns & Sorcery, and a Numenera Boxed Set!
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Privateer Press has sent along some information about the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit. It will be available in stores everywhere in March 2015 and is "a complete adventure, including everything you need to play as a fierce warrior in the savage and untamed wilds of western Immoren". A starter set for four players and a GM.
POISONS Straight From The 5E DUNGEON MASTER'S GUIDE! Assasin's Blood, Carrion Crawler Mucus, Oil of
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Another day, another DMG preview! This time, it's two pages on POISONS (with the tail end of diseases). It lists a dozen or so poisons, how to buy them, and how to craft and harvest them. And...
TIAMAT and BAHAMUT are here!
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Run, don't walk, to your local game store to pick up these two beauties. Both Tiamat and Bahamut are Gargantuan miniatures made under license from WotC by Wizkids as part of their Icons of the Realms series. The comments also includes a bunch of photos folks have taken of the minis in the wild, so you can see their actual size. Both run at $59.99.