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An Assembly of Authors Collaborate to Pen The Book of Quests (for RuneQuest RPG) – A Review

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They say that when a true synergy occurs, the results can be greater than the sum of its parts. Certainly, the idea of creating this kind of synergy was behind a gathering of writers and game designers by The Design Mechanism to create The Book of Quests for the 6th Edition of RuneQuest.

What's gonna work? Teeeeeamwork!

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Apologies to those who aren't fans of Wonderpets for the title of this week's column. Today is all about collaboration. It is great when it's great but it has a few pitfalls to steer around. At it's best, there is nothing finer and I'm enjoying the benefits of such a project that I'm very, very pleased to announce...

EN World Interview: Monte Cook and Numenera

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Monte Cook and Shanna Germain attended the first of their Ultimate Retailer Events at Astral Games in Medford, Oregon in which they talked about Numenera and answered audience questions. A video of this event will be up on EN World later this week. They were both kind enough to sit down and talk with us at the event's conclusion.

Did Planehopping Get Its Groove Back?

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It’s been a long time since my online Planescape group has been able to get together. With two continents, three time zones, five players, jobs, spouses, significant others, children, holidays, etc, it’s not been easy to keep things going for 10 years. But Sunday afternoon the stars were aligned, and we once again fired up mIRC and MapTools and TinyChat and convened on a tiny moon above the surface of Pandemonium.

8 Ridiculous Fight Scenes

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Many campaigns are based around cool plots, interesting characters, and awesome settings. No matter how cool your campaign intrigues are, however, you’ll need an awesome fight scene at some point. While your heroes might be fond of solving all their problems with words and skill checks, there will come a time when they get the itching feeling that the villain simply needs a good drubbing to solve all the world’s problems. This is born from the basic human instinct that all problems can be solved at a critical juncture if you simply hit them hard enough with a hammer. Classically, this takes the form of the Russian astronaut kicking the 40-billion-dollar computer to miraculously get the engines on the shuttle to start. Whatever the psychology, it’s there, and it works.

ENnies 2013: Best Interior Art (Elminster's Forgotten Realms; Shadows of Esteren); featuring LOLTH!

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I won't post every single one, I promise. Just some of them. You can see the full list as they get uploaded on our YouTube channel. This award was for Best Interior Art for Ed Greenwood's...

Media ENnies Best Podcast 2013!

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And here's the BEST PODCAST 2013! Recorded live at the ENnies in Gen Con Indy. Again, the video and audio quality is poor, unfortunately. Congratulations to Obsidian Portal for their silver...

Indiana Jones Ain't Got Nothin' On Me - Escape: The Curse of The Temple!

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With a temple crumbling all around you and very tempting piles of treasure almost everywhere you look, risk and reward can often be a tricky pair to balance. And in Escape - The Curse of the Temple, it's even more difficult... because you're going to have to rely on your friends as much as your own skill!

Kickstarter Kickstarter Roundup: 3 Projects You Might Have Missed

  • 17
This week I thought I'd take a walk through some of the darker corners of Kickstarter projects to see what might be good fun. There are some winners, so check these out while there's still time. These are kick starters for items that may have missed your notice -- they're not actual games, but accessories/gadgets that have either a direct or indirect application for gamers.

ENnies Best Website 2013!

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Hey, so here's the BEST WEBSITE 2013! Recorded live at the ENnies in Gen Con Indy. The video and audio quality is poor, unfortunately, due to technical issues on the day (nobody told us that USB...

What Is The Point of A Class?

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Class warfare continues as I float a notion of a functional model of class that may bring an entirely new way of thinking to the table.

Trapsmith (for Pathfinder RPG): Step aside Grimtooth – Gavin’s back and ready to trap! (A Review)

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Veteran gamers and OSR fans have most likely heard of the infamous troll named Grimtooth, and his fantastic assortment of deadly and diabolical traps. (*nod* Flying Buffalo) Well, old Grimtooth has some competition these days from a mere human named Gavin the Trapsmith.

What are we forgetting to remember?

  • 13
Today I talk about a question for which I have not landed on an answer: Does the convenience of digital storage cause a loss in nostalgia? And is that loss worth the convenience?

500 Pounds of Beef – 5 Meaty Board Games for Long Weekends

  • 10
Five Games to help while away those long weekends.

More GEN CON coverage than you can shake a stick at!

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GEN CON has been over for a couple of weeks now. As you probably inferred form various previous news updates, EN World was there armed with video cameras and microphones capturing as much of the...

Eberron for Two, Part Two

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We join our dynamic duo as they lurk outside a ruined tower while Brelish and Cyre forces clash on the Saerun Road below the hill. Each has mission; can they work together to accomplish them? For the first part of this article, see here.

11 Campaign Settings

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Creating your own campaign setting is one of the most rewarding parts of being a GM. You get to create fantastic lands, interesting locales, cool NPCs, and more. A good campaign is like a living and breathing world. Not only is it a place with history and character, it’s also a fantastic backdrop for your epic adventures.

The Most Polite and Angriest Game I Own - No Thanks!

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The cliche goes that size isn't everything, and that's especially true in games. Sometimes the tiniest boxes contain the biggest challenges, and in No Thanks! you'll be left wondering precisely why you've got all those big games on your shelves when there's so much thought and rage in this little package...

Random Encounters: Friend or Foe?

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In the earliest days of D&D, adventure modules came with Wandering Monster tables, meant to create urgency and risk for parties that take their time, prodding each flagstone of the dungeon floor with their trusty 10' pole. Since then, we've see the rise of Random Encounter tables used to do things like provide a sense of the population and flavor of a region or location, as well as keep the players on their toes. And they were handy for us as younger gamers -- we could always rely on them to fill game time with something exciting and new when we didn't have grander plans for our game's story.


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I had a really good, long news page written for today, full of loads of great content and news from publishers and community members. Then my browser crashed, losing me over two hours of solid...

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