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Review of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Basic Game by Margaret Weis Productions

  • 34
Thanks for the review, Neuroglyph! While I do think the lack of a classic point-buy system A LA Champions has thrown some people, the game does extensively cover how to create your own heroes...

Review of Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) RPG by Goodman Games

  • 22
Best version of D&D...EVER!

Review: The Slumbering Tsar Saga

  • 53
Having read the chapter version myself - yeah, it's that good.

Review of Way of the Wicked (Book One: Knot of Thorns) by Fire Mountain Games

  • 4
This is a series I plan to convert. Sounds incredible, and all the reviews rave about it.

Review of Halls of Undermountain by Wizards of the Coast

  • 8
Thanks, Neuroglyph for a well-done review. How useful is this as a resource for people who already have the older Undermountain material?

Review of Beacon in the Dark by Sneak Attack Press

  • 3
Do the skill challenges sync up to whatever the current rules for skill challenges are?

Review of Kobold Quarterly Issue #21 (Spring 2012) by Open Design

  • 9
Nice review, but I noticed something a bit odd: the "Putting the Band Back Together" article is, as I recall, from the previous issue (#20), not this one. I think the same goes for the "Small...

Review of Player Minion & DM Minion by Goat Head Software

  • 14
At the time of this article, I mentioned that I did not know if the developers of this app had plans for ANDROID users. I received an email last night from Ben Knoll at Goathead Software stating...
How WotC Got Its Name
  • 0
Here's the story of how Wizards of the Coast got it's name, which of course is intertwined with the story of the inception of the company itself. My early days of D&D were in the late 70's and...

Review of Zobeck Gazetteer (Pathfinder/d20) by Open Design

  • 3
Is this only in PDF format?

Review of Lords of Waterdeep (Board Game) by Wizards of the Coast

  • 10
2.5 hours? That's long. The game is generally 60 minutes with 2-4 players, and 80-90 minutes with 5 players.

Lords of Waterdeep Boardgame - Merric's Review

  • 23
Great review! I was just looking at reviews on BGG, was a bit disappointed at what was there, and gave up to come here for other stuff. Surprise, exactly what I was looking for! (Are you going to...

Pathfinder Review: Distant Worlds

  • 8
John Carter was a hell of a romp. :)

Review of Players Option: Heroes of the Elemental Chaos

  • 13
I think the book would have jumped a whole point in my estimation if they'd just given the elementalist appropriate 'bending' powers, a la Avatar: The Last Airbender. Make them cantrips or...

Review of Adventure-a-Week.com & Crypt of the Sun Lord (free module!)

  • 16
I'm exclusively a 4ther and even I'm tempted to subscribe. This site is gorgeous, and the production value alone is wonderful. Had this been 4e, I'd have subscribed in a heartbeat. I'm really...

Mike Mearls: A Paladin, Ranger, and Wizard With Arcane Tradition Walk Into A Tavern

  • 86
After Gen Con and the release of the second Open Playtest packet, I had a third opportunity since December to ask Mike Mearls, Lead Designer of D&D Next some more questions. I want to thank him...

Pathfinder Review: Pirates of the Inner Sea

  • 6
Once again, thank you for the awesome and insightful reviews, Steel. They do not go unappreciated.

Pre-Release Review of Heroes of the Elemental Chaos by Wizards of the Coast

  • 10
Great review but I would offer one nitpick. Orcs were originally chaotic evil. They only became LE with the AD&D Monster Manual but they were chaotic evil before that. Emphasising the CHAOTIC...

Pre-Release Review of Story Forge by Kelp Entertainment

  • 11
Thank you for bringing this to our (collective) attention! I'll be backing this--it's a terrific concept.

Pathfinder Review: Inner Sea Magic

  • 6
Definitely a must have! Great book! One small correction. The Campaign Setting line is monthly, not bi-monthly. :)



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