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  1. Reprisal

    'Embedded Agnosticism' in a Campaign World

    Hey all, I've been tooling around with the idea of running a D&D campaign after my Heavy Gear campaign ends around Spring, 2004; and as a result, I've been playing with various ideas to make this campaign different from the others that I've run in the past. I've just purchased the 3.5 Core...
  2. Reprisal

    [IC] The Port Opal Underground - Part One

    It was a bleak day on the grand docks of the Atealian city of Lucia, situated on the Civilized Continent's finest natural harbour. Though the weather was terrible, the people there were in a happy mood. It was the day of departure. With starry eyes, they simply called it "The New World." There...
  3. Reprisal

    [PBP] The Port Opal Underground - OOC Thread

    Hey all, I've been wanting to run a Play-By-Post game for quite some time, and though I'm not certain if I'll be able to run it as quickly as other games seem to be going, I thought I'd take a stab at it. Let's hope that it's interesting and lasting, :) Premise The Player-Characters are a...
  4. Reprisal

    "Lesser Known" PC and Video Games?

    Hey all, I was just taking a look at my collection of "old" PC games and I got to thinking about the fact that some of them might work well as a D20 Modern "conversion." I've compiled a short list: Ground Control Homeworld Dark Reign Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Red Faction* System Shock and...
  5. Reprisal

    One Spell and a Magical Item: Input?

    SCATHE Necromancy Level: Sor/Wiz 5 Components: V, S Casting Time: 1 Action Range: Touch Target: Creature Touched Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: No Spell Resistance: Yes Like it's more powerful divine counterpart, Ruin charges a subject with negative energy that causes a living creature...
  6. Reprisal

    [World-Building] A Climatic Question

    Hello, :cool: Though I did not choose to send out the One-Pager, I did end up thinking about my fledgling campaign world, and the first place I found myself starting with was the impact of climate upon my world's denizens. So, here we go: (1) The continent in question is situated in such a...
  7. Reprisal

    Changing Armour Penalties to Movement

    Hey, I was just wondering what kind of effect the following changes would have on the game if the rules for armour penalties to movement were changed thusly: Would this have a big effect on the game? Regardless, could this be thought of as a positive change, or a negative one? Anyway...
  8. Reprisal

    Howdah combat?

    Heh, I wish I knew what a hennwei was... :) But yeah, I was going to say that the Longspears would enable the warriors in the howdah to fight anyone adjacent to the mammoth, and the composite longbows would have to take care of everything else beyond that... The neat thing is that the mammoth...
  9. Reprisal

    Howdah combat?

    Thanks Piratecat, :D ! I had looked at the Ride skill and associated Feat list, but it seemed that it lacked something... I was thinking of it being closer to the Chariot feats in Sword and Fist (pg. 78-9)... but now that I think of it, using the Mounted Combat feats may work just as well...
  10. Reprisal

    Howdah combat?

    I think that's how it's spelled... but anyway, I was looking at the exotic weapons in Masters of the Wild and found something called an "anku" which is used for steering elephants (pg. 26). It sparked my interest, and I decided to include a force of mammoth-riding nordic barbarians in my game...
  11. Reprisal

    D&D 3E/3.5 My players hate the 3e ranger.

    Ranger Tweak I usually tweak the Ranger thusly: You have the option to take the Ranger as is, or... ... you can take the Ranger sans Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon Fighting, but they get Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot. Why Precise shot? Because I still think of Rangers as woodsmen and...
  12. Reprisal

    Changing the System: Alignment and Racial Biases

    I've been thinking about the way Alignment is approached in my D&D campaigns (past, present and future), and I began having some ideas. I now present them to you for input and what-not... It should be obvious that Alignment is a loose descriptor of the basic ways a character would act in...