D&D (2024) 2024 Player's Handbook reveal: "New Cleric"

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That seems like an insane change to me. Mass Heal in 5E gives the caster 700 hit points to distribute.
Notably, it’s not all undead like it used to be. It’s creatures made of negative energy (which might even include some things that aren’t undead). So, I imagine Shadows will almost certainly be damaged by healing, but like, zombies and skeletons probably won’t be. I wonder about other incorporeal undead like ghosts, specters, etc. since they’re generally more associated with the ethereal plane than the negative energy plane.


  • Invoke Duplicity can be used as a bonus action and no longer requires concentration

    • War God's Blessing at 6th level
      • Revised - can now burn Channel Divinity uses to cast Shield of Faith or Spiritual Weapon spells, and they do not require concentration when cast this way



Jedi Master
Can you explain a little more about the revised Trickery cleric? I haven't followed the revisions.

I have always loved the idea of a trickery cleric, but I found the execution in 5e (2014) to be so underwhelming I never played one.

How does the new trickery cleric measure up to the other revised domains?
Most importantly, bringing out your duplicate is now a bonus action that doesn't cost concentration making it way more useful in way more situations.

They also added the ability at 6th level to swap places when you place the duplicate and for it to be able to give advantage to allies at later levels.


As someone who regularly plays War Clerics, the 2024 version looks very impressive.
It looks quite good yes, it wasn't posted when I made my comment. I was just thinking you could make a War Cleric out of any domain by picking the heavy armour and weapon versions (like Kord is War+Storm so you could pick Domain of Storm). But I'm not opposed to it.

I wonder if they chose the most popular options again?

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