D&D (2024) 2024 Player's Handbook reveal: "New Sorcerer"



They didn't go over Twinned Spell, did they.

Sneaky sneaky.

So these previews have not actually gone over any changes in detail. They have not discussed much in the way of spells, wild shape got glossed (except for the article, which came later), almost nothing on metamagic, invocations, etc.
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There's nothing that inherently forces you to be a blaster caster. Yes, you get advantage on Firebold (and Scorching Ray, and Disintegrate, and...), but you ALSO gain +1 to all Save DC's. That makes every spell type harder to resist. So you could be a fantastic Mind Mage or Enchanter.
I'm more talking about Metamagic. WOTC's choices of Metamagic options lean heavily to damage.


Damage: Empowered, Seeking, Transmute
Control: Extended, Heightened, Subtle
Either: Careful, Distant, Quickened, Twinned

Seems like a pretty good spread to me.
Yeah, you can make a decent Sorcerer that has NO damage spells.

Of course I say that and that actually would depend on the spell list as a whole. But I know you can make a very powerful Control Wizard without a single damage spell. And whatever the Wizard can do, the Sorcerer can now do it either farther, quicker, twice, silently, longer or with disadvantage on the save. And now with a +1 to their save DC. That could make for a very potent Control Caster.


So JC said sorcerer is about casting flexibility that metamagic provide. But I don't think they said anything about the number of meta magic option you can have at once, nor the pacing you aquire more. If based on UA7 they got two at Lv.2, two more at Lv.10 and another two at Lv.17, I really would prefer they spread the rest 4 more evenly, like instead two at Lv.10 you get one at around Lv.6 then get another one at Lv.10, same logic for the Lv.17's two.

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