D&D (2024) Anyone else looking forward to the next Priest Classes Packet? What do you expect?

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Different classes getting shared spells at different spell levels was a huge loss for classes that factored those spells more towards their core identity. Seeing shared spells shift levels about some in the spell lists would be a good thing

Wizards getting level 3 fireball, and clerics getting level 5 flamestrike, protects the identity of wizards.

But I do think druids should get a level 3 polymorph equivalent.

Niche protection can and should burn.
No, no it shouldn't. The whole point of different classes is because people LIKE niches and specialization. Even in freeform systems people gravitate towards certain tropes and archetypes. If you want druids to cast fireballs... then it should be restricted to wildfire druids. Having every single spellcaster be same-y is a BAD THING.

Example - this was for Vampire the Requiem, but same concept applies. Three magic factions, and one of them got an ability that would let them freely steal magic from the other factions for free. Players did NOT like that. They wanted niches. The writers were surprised, thought it was strange. But the players were clear. Having one magic type have free access to all other magics was not something the player base at large wanted.

As far as I'm aware, people are upset about the bard's spell choices, because they're being pulled from their niche.

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