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BrOp's Age of Worms Adventure Path: The Whispering Cairn (IC)


Mulch - Cleric

Mulch, satisfied that there is nothing of interest to be found in the rubble, and that there is no danger of another collapse, heads back into the main hallway and heads towards the green light and Pak. Calling after the changeling, he says (not in a shout but not in a whisper) "Be careful not to get too far from the rest of us." He will try to catch up to Pak and then proceed towards the green light together.

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Fixit Warforged Artificer

Branding Opportunity said:
Fixit: Looking around the device you find a few shards of an unindentifiable shiny black substance that feels like stone, but is slightly cold to the touch. Upon taking a closer look at the incomplete apparatus you notice numerous runes and glyphs carved into the slot on the inside of the frame, where the "mirror's" glass would have been held (OOC: Search check). Remembering your study of magical iconography these symbols seem to signify transportation (OOC: Knowledge (arcana) check). You study the entire structure for about a minute before deciding that it is probably not a functioning magical item, and therefore has no aura (OOC: Artificer Knowledge check).
Fixit straightens himself and turns to his companions, clearing his throat to draw attention to himself he slowly let's his friends no what he has discovered. Having nothing else to add regarding the device he contiunues "This machine, for that is what it once was, is of no use to us now, let us continue on our way before we draw the attention of any nasties in the area" before leaving Fixit leverages some of the black stone from its housing and pockets it for later, closer inspection.
lotuseater said:
"Be careful not to get too far from the rest of us." He will try to catch up to Pak and then proceed towards the green light together.
Hearing Mulch proceed towards the light Fixit shakes his head and mumbles "Stone headed dwarf, wish he'd follow his own advice and wait for the rest of us" more loudly he says "Mulch, Pak, wait we're coming, don't move off alone"
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OOC: I’m pushing on once again. Let me know if you’d like more time to “chat” and develop your character.

Having tasted the first mystery of the Whispering Cairn your group eagerly pushes on. After only thirty feet the corridor opens into a large chamber with wings leading to the east and west. Across the chamber to the north yawns a twenty-foot wide open arch draped from top to bottom in translucent cobwebs, obscuring your view of the area beyond. An eerie green light flickers from beyond the webs, casting strange shadows about this room. The place smells of animal spoor and wet fur.
To the west, three short stairs lead to a wide marble dais, but the far end of the wing is obscured by shadows. Even from this distance, though, you can tell that the walls are decorated by a large fresco.
Huge slabs of cracked masonry and irregular piles of scattered debris choke the eastern wing, giving the appearance of complete collapse. After scanning the rubble for a moment, however, you notice that there is a low, 10 foot wide hole in the rubble, leading to an enclosed area beyond. A human would have to get on his hands and knees to maneuver through it.
The sibilant, almost human whispers present in the passage become a chorus in this chamber, eerily echoing off the walls.


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Mulch - Cleric

More to himself than anyone else, Mulch announces "This place really is fascinating." He is intrigued by a number of things, including the fresco to the west and the strange light to the north. But again, he finds the collapsed rubble irresistable to his dwarven psyche, and with greatsword in hand, he goes poking through the rubble, aiming to scoot his way through the opening. He is paying careful attention for any sign of life or danger, but is also keeping an eye out for any valuables that might have been caught in the collapse.


Fixit Warforged Artificer

With the sudden attack from moments ago still fresh in mind Fixit hangs back from advancing too far into the room "We need to be like a machine" he says "Well oiled parts, each doing their bit to keep each other working and in tip-top condition, working together, well oiled" his tinny voice echoes strangely in the quiet room. He unhitches his crossbow from its restraining bolt, pulls a crossbow bolt from its quiver and loads the deadly bow, sighting along its length he starts to sweep the room with his vision, ready to let loose a bolt at anything that threatens his friends.

[sblock]not stepping in the room, loading crossbow, preparing action - if the party is attacked I'll let fly the bolt[/sblock]

Moving closer to the hole in the rubble in the eastern wing of the room, Mulch Longbeard notices that the animal smell becomes much stronger here.

OOC: Not quite sure if you were saying that you were actually heading through the hole. From where you stand you can't see much of the area beyond the low entrance in the rubble.

Ranger Rick

First Post
OOC: Sniffer continues to hang back providing rear protection so nothing sneaks up on the party. He is not concerned with exploring, nor even curious. His programing was more like a shepard, find lost souls and protect them, but not hinder their forward motion.


Rial, human warlock.

"The wolves lived there" says Rial to the dwarf. "Are you entering, or will you allow me to pass? If they ate the girl, her bones should still be there"


With Sniffer and Fixit watching for trouble, Kerwyn heads over towards the corner opposite the rubble, "Meldain, Zan, lets have a look over here."


Mulch - Cleric

"Of course they did lad," Mulch responds to Rial. "And I aim to go in and find out what's about. I've always wanted a pet dog, but my parents wouldn't let me have one. I'm hoping there'll be a pup in there I can raise at home. Should make a good watch dog. So follow me in and be ready for trouble." As an afterthought, he adds, "And what in tarnation do you want with some old human bones?"

Mulch pushes over and through the rubble, sword in hand, expecting Rial to follow.

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