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BrOp's Age of Worms Adventure Path: The Whispering Cairn (IC)


"Left is good, I'll cover you." says Kerwin returning to the moment having focused himself. He assumes his position towards the rear of the party ready to leap forward and support the front line.

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Fixit Warforged Artificer

Fixit unhooks his crossbow and loads a bolt into the chamber, he warily follows the group keeping his eyes roving over walls, floor and ceiling as they walk. When Kerwin suggests the left tunnel Fixit takes a position against the wall with the crossbow trained down the corridor ready to provide cover fire if it is needed.

OOC: Unless you tell me otherwise I will assume the marching order exists as posted earlier by Bront in THIS POST.

The party moves ahead to the intersection of the corridors. Kerwin and Sniffer poke their heads around the left and right corners, asking for light to be brought up to them if they haven't grabbed it already.

To the right you see the 10 ft. wide corridor continues for about 15 ft. before opening into a larger room. The north and south walls of this large chamber taper in somewhat, and in the nook of the far eastern wall rests a wide stone basin backed by a five-foot-tall shelf. A hardened orange paste spills out over the two-foot basin lip and covers much of the shelf. Thousands of tiny beetles with bright blue carapaces skitter and tunnel through the chalky substance. A keening insect chorus fills the room, and you recognize these as the same acid beetles which attacked you earlier. At the moment they do not seem to be aware of your presence.

The corridor to the left mirrors the one to the right. It opens into an identically-shaped space, but its contents are quite different. Eight man-sized stone slabs, about four feet off the ground, are arranged in two rows in this large room. A reclining figure lays sprawled on one of these slabs, but at this distance it is difficult to tell if the humanoid figure is dead or merely sleeping. He is dressed red leather armor, the only hint of color in the otherwise drab room. The north and south walls taper in somewhat, and the small west wall abust a small stone stage. A red statue of a powerfully built warrior wielding a cylinder-headed greatclub stands tall upon the stage, its eyes surveying the room.

The corridor ahead of you, heading due north continues on for about 40 ft, with two alcoves branching east and west halfway down its length. You can't see past this, as the hallway slopes downward suggesting either a steep ramp or a set of stairs ahead.


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As Sniffer and Kerwin step into the slab-filled room, they immediately notice that they are not alone. An enormous beetle, at least six feet in length staggers about lethargically as if drunk. It is a deep shade of blue with long, dangerous looking pincers which flail about. It had been hidden behind one of the stone slabs, which is why you hadn't noticed it before. It immediately becomes aware of you and lets out a long, angry hiss, and clacks its mandibles together menacingly.

Meldain 23
Kerwin 16
Mulch 9
Fixit 8
Zan 5
Beetle 5
Sniffer 3
Rial 3


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