Campaign Guide: Shackled City Legacy PbP Game (Game Cancelled)


World of Kulan DM
This thread will be for the discussion of characters as they are created and for other aspects of the setting I wish to share with this campaign's players.

PLAYERS (5 of 6)
JustinCase: Brother Pi (NG male dwarf, Ninja 3)
MacConnell: Oleander (N male elf, Rogue 2/Wizard 1)
Scotley: Bravec Trask (NG male human, Urban Druid 3)
Tellerian Hawke: Quaen "Kane" Horuk Rah (LG male Khemitian human, Cleric of Jalivier 3)
Thateous: Dorin (CG male human, Duskblade 3)

Cauldron_player's map.jpg
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World of Kulan DM
Patron God of Cauldron

Defender of the Light, God of the Sun, The Soldier of Light, The Star over the Mountain, The Sun’s Champion

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Sun rising over a mountain range
Home Plane: Celestia
Godly Realm: Citadel of Light
Alignment: Lawful good
Portfolio: Healing, light, mountains, stars, sun, war
Worshipers: Elementalists (earth), fighters, healers, monks, paladins, soldiers of light, some druids, dwarves, and any good citizen of Kulanspace
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, LN
Domains: Glory*, Good, Light, Mountain (homebrewed), Stellar (homebrewed), Sun, War
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Jalivier, Defender of the Light, is best known as the North God of the Sun. He is one of the few North Gods to have followers native to the Outer Planes. It is believed that within a few centuries he will become as well known and revered in other lands as he is in the Lands of Harqual. He is already known throughout the many islands surrounding Harqual, even as far south as the Isle of Dread. However, the Soldier of Light has his heart firmly entrenched in the Lands of Harqual no matter how popular he has become.

Jalivier’s Avatar appears as a large, bronze-skinned man wearing field plate armor, which shines with the power of a permanent Enlarged daylight spell. The armor appears to be made of a rare metal. Which rare metal depends upon the viewer. His Avatar’s armor appears to be made from adamantine to his ground-dwelling worshipers, while to his spacefaring worshipers it appears to be made from fired-steel.

Jalivier’s Avatar always appears wearing an open-faced helm and a long cloak, which appears to be made from well-cured animal hide. His other garments appear similar in design with fur-trimmed edges on his boots and his tabard, which has his holy symbol etched into it. He keeps these barbaric adornments to honor his barbarian heritage. His Avatar wields a large +5 flaming burst holy defending longsword.

Jalivier teaches his followers to defend the light in the name of goodness. He teaches that the power of the sun and the stars can be great weapons against the darkness of evil. Followers of Jalivier are expected to make war against evil and to be as solid as the mountain in their defense of the innocent. All mountains are part of the open sky that leads to the stars. Jalivier teaches his faithful that they are guardians of the sun and stars. For Jalivier is not “The Sun”; he is, in fact, The Sun’s Champion in the name of all that is good and righteous. Jalivier’s faithful are the least likely of the North Gods to turn a blind eye away from evil done in the name of upholding the Tenets of the Balance.

*Replaces the homebrewed Kulan domain, Sacred Healing, for this campaign.


World of Kulan DM
Updated the first post to include a player's map of Cauldron City. This is based on the post-eruption map, but I've "fixed" the city in some places. ;)


World of Kulan DM
Here is my most up to date version of the Races of Harqual file for use with the Shackled City Legacy game, as well as the Crow God game.


  • Races of
    1.1 MB · Views: 332

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
As per DM's request, my base rolls, re-posted here for his convenience :)

This guy is going to be a Human, Sungod Cleric, with the Glory Domain.

Kulan Char Creation Shackled City 001.jpg

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Here are my notes so far on my character for this game. Feat selection hinges on DM approval, as per my question submitted via Facebook Messenger.

Kulan Shackled City Character Notes

Str 11 (+0)
Dex 12 (+1)
Con 12 (+1)
Int 14 (+2)
Wis 16 (+3)
Cha 16 (+3)

1st Level Human Cleric
BAB: +0
Adjusted Melee AB: +0
Adjusted Ranged AB: +1
Base Saves: Fort+2 / Ref +0 / Will +2
Adjusted Saves: F +3 / R +1 / W +5
Hit Points: Max (8) + Con (1) = 9 HP.

Book of Exalted Deeds, pp. 44.
Granted through contact with a good-aligned outsider:
Human: Nimbus of Light
+2 to Diplomacy & Sense Motive
vs. Good Creatures. (while aura is
1st Level: Holy Radiance
At will / Free Action: Shed Light 10'
and shadowy illumination out to
Undead within 10 feet take 1d4
damage per round.

Or, if Exalted Feats not approved:

Human: Extend Spell

1st Level: Scribe Scroll


Turning Undead:
Times per day: 3 + Cha (3) = 6/Day
Turning check: 1d20 + Cha (3) + Glory (+2) = 1d20 + 5 Total Check
Turning damage: 2d6 + Glory (1d6) + Cleric Level (1) + Cha (3) = 3d6 + 4 Total Damage
Skills: ((2 + Int (2)) x 4)+4 = 20 pts.
1. (3 ranks) Concentration (Con)
2. (3 ranks) Diplomacy (Cha)
3. (4 ranks) Knowl. Religion (Int)
4. (4 ranks) Knowl. The Planes (Int)
5. (4 ranks) Spellcraft (Int)
6. (2 ranks) Healing (Wis)


1. Concentration +4
2. Diplomacy +6
3. Knowl. Religion +6
4. Knowl. The Planes +6
5. Spellcraft +6
6. Healing +5
Skills Per Level: 2 + Int (2) + Human (1) = 5 points per level.

Add 1 pt. per level to all skills except Diplomacy and Healing;
On odd levels, add 1 pt. to Healing;
On even levels, add 1 pt. to Diplomacy.
0-Level: 3

1st-Level: Base 1+1

Bonus Spells: 1-1-1 (1st-3rd)

1st-Level Total: 2+1


World of Kulan DM
I just checked my timeline document for Harqual and the first SCAP campaign ended semi-officially in the year 750 N.C. The current year is 758 N.C.

EDIT: I decided to make a slight alteration to the timeline. The SCAP campaign began in 750 N.C. and my group went through it fast in in-world game time, but it should probably have officially ended in 751 N.C. So, I'm still going to say it has been eight years since those events so the new current year is 759 N.C. That is the ten year anniversary of magical cross-planar event known as The Transformation that had a huge impact on the Lands Harqual.

(FYI, the Aerie of the Crow God game is set in the year 757 N.C.)
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World of Kulan DM
Here is my character sheet:
(I hope I did it right)

View attachment 83011
The "Egypt" of Kulan is in The Southwest subregion of Kanpur and is called Khemit (so, Khemitian). That is very far away from Harqual. However, during The Transformation (10 years ago), other peoples were brought to Harqual from other parts of the world (and beyond). So, your PC's origins might/can be tied to Khemit, but there wouldn't be a large number of Khemitians on Harqual. A few dozen families at most and they would have arrived in lands south of Cauldron City.

So, Kane would have been born in Khemit, and he and family were brought to the Lands of Harqual when he was around eight years old. The nearby Mor's End accepted many of the newcomers to the continent. (Cauldron was less accepting at that time.) When Mor's End fell to the Infernals of Flamerule, many from the city were forced to flee. At that point, Cauldron's leadship had changed for the better, so many from Mor's End were allowed to relocate to the Dominion of Cauldron around 752 N.C.

Kane would have lived in Mor's End for 3 years before his family had to relocate to Cauldron City. Bast's Temple of the Cat helped many of Kane's people, but he chose Jalivier instead. (Or maybe Jalivier chose him.) So, as he's grown up, he's witnessed a lot of turmoil.

Now, as for languages, he was born in Khemit so his native language would be Khemitian, which is basically Egyptian. Note that the Egyptian gods are known as the Khemitian Pantheon on Kulan. However, Bast is not tied to that pantheon on Harqual. She is a member of the Pantheon of the North. Khemitian isn't a standard language on Harqual, so Kane's parents would have made sure he was taught the common language of Harqual, which is actually called Common. (This 'Common' is the only language with that name on all of Kulan.) In truth, Common is only the common language in the lands north of The Great Expanse. The common language of the Far South is called Suar.

The regional language of the Thunder Lands is called Anorian. It originated in Mor's End. Kane was likely taught it too.

I also recommend Dwarven. There are a lot of dwarves in the Kul Moren Mountains. Gnomes in this area are rare. Halflings are pretty common in Cauldron. Elves less so since the earthquakes, and partial volcanic eruption, that destroyed sections of the city.

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