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D&D Movie/TV Chris Pine To Star In D&D Movie

The long, slow process towards a modern take on D&D movies took a large step forward with the announcement of a huge star signed to the project. Considering that filming is set to start soon a cascade of announcements should be revealed in initiative order imminently. Filming begins in Q1 2021.

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley will be directing the film which features "an ensemble cast and take a subversive approach to the game."


Chris Pine has closed a deal to star in Dungeons & Dragons, the live action film based on Hasbro’s massively popular role-playing game from Wizards of the Coast. Hasbro/eOne and Paramount are jointly producing and financing, with eOne distributing in the UK and Canada, and Paramount the rest of the world.
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On that note...

Songs That Must be in the Dungeons and Dragons Movie Soundtrack

Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath)
The Wizard (Black Sabbath)
Closer to the Heart (Rush)
YYZ (Rush)
In My Time of Dying (Led Zeppelin)
Battle of Evermore (Led Zeppelin)
The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden)


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Because they’re competing with Marvel, and Marvel movies are full of familiar pop songs because audiences love it.
Disney is a media production company that has a market cap of $312b. Hasbro in a game company that has a small movie production arm and has market cap of $12.5b.

They don't play the same sport, they don't play at the same level, and they don't play in the same league. And everyone knows it.

The two Ouija movies cost $15 million to make. And made $190 million.

This isn't a Transformers movie. It's not even a Transformers spin-off movie. There's a lot of places to spend money. They already blew a ton of money on securing Pine.

Why would Hasbro want to blow up the budget like that?
The songs featured on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack and on Tarantino soundtracks and similar are all decades past their popularity. I would be shocked if they were particularly expensive to license, especially if they promised them a piece of a soundtrack that's likely to put sell a ton.

That said, it'd likely be even cheaper to get some bardcore, dungeon synth or other more contemporary D&D/fantasy music instead.

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As everyone who claimed that Hickman wearing a Sony shirt continues to ignore, Paramount is producing the film, booking the studios, etc.

Dungeons & Dragons (2022)​

Full Cast & Crew​

Directed by​

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)​

Dave Arneson...(game)
John Francis Daley...(screenplay)
Michael Gilio...(screenplay)
Jonathan Goldstein...(screenplay)
E. Gary Gygax...(game)
David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick...(screenplay) (as David Johnson)
Geneva Robertson-Dworet...(earlier screenplay)

Produced by​

Stephen Davis...producer
Brian Goldner...producer
Jeremy Latcham...producer
Roy Lee...producer
Courtney Solomon...producer
Denis L. Stewart...executive producer
Allan Zeman...producer

We have to remember the main goal is to promote the brand. Do you remeber "the queen's gambit"? After this lots of chess games have been sold.

I imagine they want to produce something like the cinematic trailer of Newerwinter Online.

The Sony logo in the shirt doesn't mean any project linked with Hasbro or WotC, but maybe something about fantasy.
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Or... it could be meaningless. I have a ton of shorts with various labels on them and not a single one means that I’m working on a project for Microsoft,Disney,paramount or Miramax.
True. but given the Weiss, Hickman and Manganiello messages, something is being teased.


Lawyer by day. Rules lawyer by night.
Listing them in alphabetical order doesn't mean that the Hasbro entities are more involved in the film aspect than the actual film company
Oofta said Hasbro wasn't backing the movie. I was merely showing that, yeah, it is. eOne is Hasbro. And, until October, so was Allspark Pictures.


Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
Not that it really matters, but ...

Paramount is co-producing and co-financing the “Dungeons and Dragons” movie with Hasbro and eOne. eOne is distributing the movie in the U.K. and Canada, while Paramount is handling the rollout in the rest of the world. The release date was recently pushed back from November of 2021 to May 27, 2022.​


Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
Oh, and there was this as well. Basically, these are not going to be low budget movies like we got before. Doesn't mean they'll be good or bad, but at least (for me) there's hope.

Dungeons and Dragons will be one of the first projects that’s part of Hasbro’s AllSpark Pictures, through which the toy company hopes to start churning out Marvel Cinematic Universe-level competition. Other upcoming projects under the label include the G.I. Joe spinoff Snake Eyes and Micronauts.​

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