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DETERMINATION [Divine/Low-Cosmic??]

No matter the odds, you refuse to yield, even when faced with death itself.

Prerequisites: You must have a Will save modifier of at least +60.

Effects: You become immune to fear effects and mind-affecting abilities cast by creatures at or below your Divine Rank, and once per day, when you would reach zero HP, you can instead choose to not take any damage from the effect that would drop you to zero HP.



School enchantment and evocation; Level 12


Casting Time 6 hours

Components V, S, M (see below)


Range unlimited

Target one Lesser, Intermediate, or Greater Deity (but see below)

Duration instantaneous

Saving Throw no; Spell Resistance no

The pinnacle of power and pride of ancient Netheril manifested by the archmage Karsus in the form of a spell. Only a mortal can cast this spell. This spell ignore immunity to enchantment and evocation but not immunity to magic (like the one of the akalich). The caster must select a deity of which knows the secret true name when he start the casting of this mighty incantation. The god in question is not automatically aware of the casting of the spell. When the spell is finally cast the deity is automatically slay and the caster gains all the former deity quintessence and appropriate divine template for that amount. The caster gains the Portfolio of the slay deity, even if not compatible (like the Evil Portfolio if Good). The caster does not need to make the test of faith or Portfolio trails.
Sidereals and above are normally immune to this spell, but when they are sleeping (like when bound in the fabric of the reality) become vulnerable to it (provided that the caster know their secret true name).
Due to the nature of this spell being completely opposite to their own, creatures with a Divine Rank automatically fail any Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft checks involving it (like identify it as is being cast, learn it from a spellbook or scroll, or decipher a scroll of it), this ignore any ability that allow an immortal to automatically succeed a Knowledge (arcana) or Spellcraft check. Creatures with a Perfection bonus instead automatically succeed the Spellcraft check for identify Karsus's Avatar as is being cast, even if untrained in Spellcraft.
  • The gizzard of a Great Wyrm Gold Dragon filled with the stone remain of a Primal Earth Elemental, with the epidermis of the pituitary gland of the Tarrasque, and with the heart of a Young Adult or older Time Dragon (epic version of Dragon #359).
  • One scroll of wish for every Divine Rank of the target deity.​
  • The remains of a phylactery of a destroy Akalich.​
  • Residue of an Elder Quintessence Elemental.​


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