D&D 5.5e, will you get it?

Do you plan on getting the 5.5e books?

  • Yes, I have the 5e books

    Votes: 98 52.7%
  • Yes, and I did not buy 5e before

    Votes: 2 1.1%
  • No, and I bought 5e originally

    Votes: 39 21.0%
  • No, and I did not buy 5e either

    Votes: 13 7.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 34 18.3%

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I don't know. The statements he's given promise about as much change as "the books will be printed on.... [drumroll].. paper". 2024 is a good way off & making that decision is going to need a lot more.

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
Depends, really.

If it includes some revisions that are not already in print somehow (Tasha's changes) and I have not already created a fix for them, I'll get it.

So, that means that the revised MM interests me, and maybe the DMG if it includes optional modules with a little more thoughts behind them.


Unserious gamer
Too early to say. If it’s backwards compatible with earlier material, and also introduces a fair amount of new material, I will certainly pick it up. If it's not backwards compatible, or is simply a lightly errataed version of the 2014 book, I won't.


Sooner or later, I’ll be suckered into buying them all. Sooner if I like the content. But one or another, they gonna get me. It is pointless to resist…
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The High Aldwin
I doubt I will buy the 5.5E (or whatever) books unless there are MAJOR improvements...

For example, since everything is supposed to backwards compatible, I wish in MMotM they had included the legacy racial ASIs as well as the original source for a PC race. We made new PCs last night and it was horrible trying to find the original races...

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