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D&D 5E [D&D 5e] Planescape- In Through the Out Door (Full)


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No problem. ;) I don't think we'll be out the gate *that* soon.

And just because you were a human from Earth once upon a time, way back when, it doesn't necessarily mean that's what you are when this game kicks off. Best of both worlds. For that matter, humans from Earth can be pretty weird in their own right. I said it before, right? Weirder, better.

Also, let's make this official: [MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION], welcome. :) Glad to have you.

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[MENTION=8058]Queenie[/MENTION] Aw, shucks. Well, you and [MENTION=2820]Fenris[/MENTION] would be more than welcome to join us. No experience necessary. Not knowing is an experience in and of itself. :D

And thanks again for recommending me on that Relic Hunters game. I'm on the fence myself, trying to come up with a character I think would make a worthy addition.


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By all means. :) I liked Anna quite a bit, but the idea of Frankenstein's Modron is great, and plays well with my own ideas for an ill-fated (naturally) Modron March in the Domains of Dread.


By all means. :) I liked Anna quite a bit, but the idea of Frankenstein's Modron is great, and plays well with my own ideas for an ill-fated (naturally) Modron March in the Domains of Dread.

Even more better. :D Going with the amnesia angle means there could be all sorts of evil secrets locked up in that poor little modron's head.


I would like to join. I've been a member of the forum for a long time, but haven't really participated before. I'm a regular at other forum games elsewhere. Long-time Planescape fan and I've even run a Planescape play-by-post.

I'd love to take on the worldly tout role. Following are two character concepts:

1. A dustman paladin who worships Kelemvor. His main personal struggle is between the rigors of his paladin code, honor, etc, and the need to abandon all personal ambition and desire. He seeks to make virtue of a sort of rote state of being, so that he can be a good man while also casting off ego and the self-serving side of being virtuous.

2. A sign-of-one bariaur who struggles to unify the philosophies of Sigil's factions, which he sees as splintered shards of his own psyche.


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Okay...I have a few ideas that have coalesced. This is good, as it lets me fill a variety of roles, as needed.

1) Grandfather - An ancient druid who always reincarnates as a human man, and who retains most of his memories even though he has to gradually recapture them over some time. He looks like a kid, but has the abilities of a full grown druid...his leveling represents recapturing old knowledge more than acquiring new. He's impatient with himself and by extension everyone else...this is the part of every new life he is least satisfied with. It would be fun to do the Master/Apprentice thing, with this little kid berating some full grown apprentice. :)

2) Macrisse - A human or maybe half-elf draconic sorceror who claims to actually BE a dragon who's been polymorphed and/or cursed to take human shape! He seeks a cure to this terrible condition, and often vows revenge on the rival dragon, whom he seems oddly inclined to speak highly of, who did this to him.

3) MANTICORE1124 - An elf or tiefling or something who earnestly believes he's a human being in the future who's playing something called a 'sensie MMORPG.' He has strange mannerisms, seems to think even the comeliest women are really 'dudes in disguise' and in general seems quite mad. But he's good at 'raids' and can be amusing company.

4) Shard - A strange and distant young woman with a sharp crystal of some kind jutting from her forehead. Often confused about herself, she appears to be seeking other crystals like the one in her head, and shows divine magical powers despite not appearing to worship a god...

5) Omega - A sentient war machine, engineered by a race of powerful wizards as their people were destroyed as a last gasp of vengeance, intended to return the genocide in kind. Recently recovered from a sterile and empty demiplane, inactive and quiet. It was awakened, and now it seems a bit worryingly interested in what folks in THIS universe are like. Omega isn't what you'd expect from a horrifying death machine. Bright and cheery, courteous, and apparently entirely devoid of empathy or moral direction. But perhaps willing to learn?


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You guys are going to make it pretty tough for me to decide which of your character concepts I like the best, huh? Well, alright. I suppose I can live with that. ;)
[MENTION=21379]goatunit[/MENTION] I'm torn. A dustman paladin is a really cool idea that I don't think we get to see often enough, and worship of Kelemvor introduces the whole Toril issue, the City of Judgment and the Wall of the Faithless, Myrkul and the Dead Three. That's hard to pass up. Then again, a Signer trying to reconcile the factions does help keep the faction politicking of Planescape in microcosm no matter where the campaign goes and is kind of exactly what I asked for, so... Maybe consult with your fellow PCs, and see what works best for the party dynamic?
[MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION] I'm a sucker for druids. And sentient war machines from dead worlds. And people with spikes in their heads. Macrisse seems like he'd be an interesting spin on the apprentice archetype; by which token I also think that mant (in-chat shorthand for MANTICORE1124, in all likelihood) would be make for a pretty funny master character, mentoring 'n00bs' as they fall into his wake. Note too, that the master doesn't actually *have* to be an arcane spellcaster. A grandmaster fighter or arrogant kung fu guy would also work.

By the way, what's your experience with Planescape, Shay? Because Shard would be welcomed into the Athar with open arms, and an experienced serial reincarnator Grandfather sounds like an ideal Godsman.


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My thought for Shard is that the character is actually the crystal. It's a tiny fragment of a goddess that was shattered eons ago in a tiff with some horrible thing...customizable to campaign story!...and was scattered over plane, space and time. A chunk wound up hitting some poor bystander in the head and boom. Weird synthesis-kinda-possession scenario. Shard is almost definitely a Light Cleric.

Grandfather's story is less defined to me. I don't even think he really understands why he keeps coming back the way he does. He has some theories, but he doesn't spend a lot of time dwelling on it. Despite his cantankerousness and his being a drama king, he loves being alive...the bad with the good...so he has no -actual- complaints about his situation. Because of that same situation, he has a broader idea of what constitutes 'nature' as well, hence his involvement in the planes. He doesn't share the insular "protect our world from the interference of other worlds" mentality a lot of druids have...and regards such sentiments as hopeless naivete at best. That's why a master/apprentice thing would work for him in Planescape, conceptually. He'd probably be fairly unwilling to take on a pupil for the most part, especially before he recovers his powers...but finding an upstart druid with crazy ideas about the planes and nature, ostracized by his/her peers? Yeah, he'd want to nurture that.

Manticore would be a lot of comic relief at first, but I also like the potential to explore the brain-twistiness of Planescape with him as a vehicle. What's really going on with him? He doesn't disappear when he 'logs off,' but that only seems to happen when he sleeps. Then he 'dreams' of another life in another world. Is he being possessed? Is he what he claims? And more ominously, if he believes this, and others start to...will reality -become- what he claims? Or has it already?! He's the martial pole of my trifecta, being a fighter or ranger most likely. A hard hitting warrior full of badassitude. Though, you know I could almost see him going Bard too, with his 'inspiration' being represented by those pre-raid strategy talks where everyone is assigned their job. The irony being that despite his evident psychosis, he's actually pretty good at tactics in this 'reality.' :)

Macrisse's dirty secret is that he (in my headcanon) actually accidentally is responsible for his own situation, and his blustering about taking revenge is a smokescreen so he doesn't look like a total moron. It's also entirely possible he's not actually a dragon, and is making that up too...perhaps taking advantage of his sorcerous powers to give credence to the claim, or perhaps he's a bit delusional and has convinced himself that his story is the truth!

Omega's the only one here who doesn't revolve at least a little around questions of identity and relative reality. He knows exactly what he is, and he knows exactly what he's meant to do. He's just not entirely sure he wants to do it. So for now he's tooling around, collecting information on how things work here so that, if he decides to, he can wipe everything out later. He has deteriorated quite a bit during his long inactivation, and his previous reality was QUITE a bit smaller than the Great Wheel, so he has a lot of work ahead of him if he goes that way. But one thing that deteriorated too was whatever part of his mind that was locked unerringly on his function; he has more free will now, and the novelty is interesting to him. I'm not completely sure what he'd be, mechanically. Perhaps a fighter with the 'eldritch knight' path, with his spells representing weird, alien technological 'magic.' That feels pretty good to me.

I am pretty familiar with Planescape as a setting, and while I am not yet making specific plans for factions (I like to keep things fluid to start with), it's true that some of these ideas play rather exceptionally well for certain of them. :)
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