D&D 5E D&D Cartoon Character Miniatures Are Coming!

Get official miniatures of the the 1980s D&D cartoon heroes in September for $29.95! The Dragons...

Get official miniatures of the the 1980s D&D cartoon heroes in September for $29.95! The Dragons of Stormwreck Isle set is coming from WizKids and features slightly older versions of Hank the Ranger, Eric the Cavalier, Diana the Acrobat, and Presto the Magician, plus a cleric. There are only 5 miniatures, so there's no sign of Sheila the Thief, Bobby the Barbaria, or Uni the Unicorn.

These aren't technically the D&D cartoon heroes -- it appears that they're listed as Paladin, Cleric, Wizard, Fighter, and a Rogue. But they are clearly very heavily based on them.




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The High Aldwin
I know these are just renders, not actual minis, but what seems very badly done to you? At this stage they seem the equal of any D&D size mini that I've seen.
Yep. I wouldn't want "reimagined" minis based on the cartoon I loved as a kid, I would want minis that are those characters.

I know it was a different day and age then, but even without that I don't think they look that great...

Diana is more "monk", and I also miss Sheila and Bobby. D&D was my favorite cartoon from my childhood. It was not perfect but really special. The story of the DM's pupils had to end with the return to home, but they are an icon of the 80's, even for no-D&D fandom. I don't know the relations between Hasbro and Disney, but if this needed money they should sell the IP to Hasbro.

Juomari Veren

I know its a modern reimagining but Presto not using his hat to cast magic. Eric with a sword. No idea who the Cleric is supposed to be, where the F is Sheila?!?! . Dianas new outfit is yeah better. Hank looks great aside from REAL arrows. Dont really miss Bobby...
If you wanna get technical, Presto's hat is more akin to a regular material component pouch these days, so that spell he's casting just might not have a material to go along with it. The magic item component really only makes it a better Hat of Wizardry, which I'm sure he wouldn't need if he really were aged up (I'd sure be disappointed if I hadn't at least learned some magic after studying for 10 years).

Okay, Diana should have been a monk (the new outfit is a decent change, though. I was imagining a slightly disco-tinged Beau, anyway), Presto should be using his hat as his focus (which is a thing in 5E: Xanathar's Guide to Everything), Hank should be firing energy arrows, I'd have given Eric a mace and made his a fighter (Cavaliers are fighters in 5e). Oh, and yeah, where are Sheila (the actual rogue), Bob (looking jacked), and Uni (also looking jacked)?



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