D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Moves Forward With Deal With Former Marvel Exec Jeremy Latcham

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It depends on the adventure in the movie, but I think Eberron would be more cinematic, even if Forgotten Realms is more well known.
The trouble with Eberron is it doesn't look like standard D&D. People do have the idea that D&D is pseudo-medieval - throw something else at them as a first movie and most of the audience will be baffled.

The advantage of Forgotten Realms is it is so generic that even people who know nothing about D&D will understand the setting.


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Honestly I think Eberron would work better on film than Forgotten Realms (or indeed any other setting except maybe ravenloft)
Absolutely. It’s very much fantasy, but no one will think it’s a LoTR ripoff, and it so easily supports swashbuckling cinematic adventure.

Eberron is perfect for an production, with the style "Indiana Jones meets Lord of the Rings".

Red Steel/Savage Coast may be a good hook for public who enjoyed "Pirattes of the Caribean Sea", but Mystara isn't ready in this phase. Maybe in the next.

Hollow World has got dinosaurs and ancient cultures.

The world of Cerilia (Birthright) has a great potential for the fandom who enjoyed with Games of Thrones, but here the key is a really good story, and this is is a true challenge for scripters and writters. Maybe WotC should allow fanfiction setted in this world like a free self-promotion, in a section of DM Guild of "amateur fiction" and "webcomics".

The future movies of "Ology" could be like a playtesting to discover what are the right keys to be pushed.

The lore of Ravenloft could be altered to allow stories where dark powers can taint or curse zones from other worlds, even with modern technology. The teleserie "American Horror Story" and the movies "Scaries Stories to tell in the Dark", "Ready or not", "Crimson Peaks" or the 1999 remake of "House of Haunted Hill" are good examples of how could be a Ravenloft movie, as blocbuster or only serie B. Enternaiment One has got some experiencie producing horror movies. Even Ravenloft could allow true crazy ideas for crossovers, for example an Italian(american) police is investigating about a maffia boss and his children. He finds a clue linked to a "haunted house" in a far and lost town. He works as an infiltrated in a secret group, and this decide a raid within that haunted house, because this may be the hidding place or "safe house" of a dangerous criminal and leader of a destructive sect. They enter and don't survive, but this isn't the end, but only the begging. When they awake up and they open the eyes, they discover they are again in the world of the living ones... but reincarnated..... as action figures (Micronauts). With help by rescued children they found in the cellar they have to defeat a carrionette, a sentient toys (like Maligno, the dark-lord of Odiare) who wants to sacrifice some children to become human.
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No. Get in touch. It used to be that Drizzt novels where best sellers in the "Science Fiction and Fantasy" genres, but the last couple of Drizzt novels have sunk without trace, not even making the top 100 fantasy releases.

Drizzt is pretty much the definition of a has-been hero.

Woundn't necessarily be a problem if Drizzt was inherently an interesting character, but Legolas stole his moves, and Twighlight stole his angst.
Whoa, Paul. Be NICE. We are a COMMUNITY. Thanks, friend.

If you wanna get down to it neither is a Forgotten Realms movie. Greyhawk was the OG campaign setting IIRC.
Wrong. The general public does not know the difference between FR and Greyhawk. They are both Genericfantasyland(TM).

The public does not know much about D&D, but they do "know" it is set in Genericfantasyland(TM). And they know what Genericfantasyland(TM) looks like because the have seen Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia and Game of Thrones.

So, if the public go see a D&D movie, the go to see a movie set in Genericfantasyland(TM). If they instead see a movie that looks like it is set in Sky Captain and the World Tomorrow, Flash Gordon or John Carter they will not be happy.

If the movie is successful and starts a movie franchise, then you can start to educate the public that D&D is more than just Genericfantasyland(TM) and use more exotic settings, but you need to start with the familiar.

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