Dark Fairytale IC


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Leonan concentrates and in the pipe small copy of the creature appears next to the wall of the pipe.
He waits to see the reaction of the creature, but readies shocking grasp if it attacks.

Cast minor image
Ready Shocking Grasp to kill the creature if it is too aggressive

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The creature hurriedly swims over to the image and tries to eat it instantly.

GM: If this is deemed aggressive enough to shock it the creature dies, other wise it is perplexed.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Leonan takes a small vial or even a pouch if he doesn't find anything large enough in his supplies to hold the creature and cuts into the tube containing the dead monstrosity extracting it. But he closes the pipe immediately after, not draining it fully.

He takes some of the liquid too and wraps everything into shredded shirt so it doesn't break easily.

"Are we ready to go down? Kaleth, do you want to examine the crystal or try something with it?"

OOC: As I undestand, the tubes aren't as big as those in the city and the creature is quite small?
@VLAD the Destroyer, does Kaleth want to play with psychic thingy crystal?

Kaleth nods and steps towards the crystal.

This will take sometime. Be prepared as I am unsure what affect this object will have on me.

Kaleth centers himself and places his hands on the crystal. He begins to delve the object with his mind gaining an understanding of what it is and all who have been in contact with the crystal in the past day.

OOC: Using Psionic Investigation on the crystal. This allows me to learn the objects history and know anyone who has held it in the past 24 hours. I can also see/hear the crystals surroundings for the past hour but my guess is that will be a bunch of nothing.

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