Dark Fairytale IC



Standing in the familiar training hall of the academy, Its cold stone floor covered with years of blood sweat and tears and the large stained glass window in the roof, your instructor said that by the time you finished your time here you would know exactly how many shards of glass made up the image of the faceless hero vanquishing the hordes of darkness, he wasn't wrong. Your old instructor Taugris is leaning upon one of the large stone pillars that flank either side of the room itching under his eye patch with a large grizzled hand covered in scars. You will always remember the first time you saw him fight for a human male in his 70s he certainly knew how to move.

Taugris steps forward and stands in front of the assembled people here he opens his mouth and pauses for a second before his voice echoes around the lofty chamber
"Congratulations you have all finally graduated, It doesn't matter what brought you here be it ambition, fame or being forced here by your parents. I am proud of everyone of you when you arrived you where all hopeless from being spoiled by your parents i didn't think you would make it but you have all made it.” You have learned from your 2years here that this constitutes a rousing speech from instructor Taugris as the elderly man turns his shoulder length swishing as he turns this will probably be the last time you see his golden mail or his singular eye glaring at you in disgust as you failed to be able to properly recite the 378 different varieties of fairy.

As Taugris leaves the room a women enters passing him they look at each other briefly before nodding and carrying on there paths. You have never seen this women before she is short for a human her torso is covered in skin tight leather armour that looks very thin, to the point it would offer very little protection her lower body has a long flowing skirt with a cut up on side to better aid with mobility her face is very stern and dominated by a large black tattoo signifying her as a master hunter. The women opens her mouth but no words come out she closes it again and looks at you all in turn before finally speaking, her voice is harsh as a winters wind”I am Asheena, how ever you shall refer to me as Sir from now on. Ill keep this brief your all going to die anyway. Your first target is in the town of Brackenbalick the Elves there have been having issues with children going missing. That is all. Your portal will open in an hour, do as you will until then.

The academy has a well stocked stores and armoury perfect for last minute preparations, the library is also an invaluable store on information regarding the beasts you may face.

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River Song

Kalveen stood deferentially to the left and one pace back from his lord, the Prince had acquitted himself very well during the last two years and Kalveen was proud. Taken aback slightly by Asheena's candour he kept his face expressionless but was quietly impressed.

"My Lord," he whispers. "Your orders."

Kaleth stares at Taugris as the man speaks. He had completed his training. Finishing the Academy was the final step in the Order. He smiled though the mask hid it from those around him. Kaleth's eyes shift to the woman Asheena, she was a master hunter. When she looks them over Kaleth straightens pride showing in his eyes. When Asheena gave them their first mission Kaleth nods. They had an hour to prepare. He turns to the others. His voice echoes in their minds.

We should research this town. I will visit the library.

OOC: Current Psychic Focus: Telepathic Contact


The library it's impossibly high vaulted ceiling, its walls lined with soild wood book cases. It is impossibly silent, even though there are,30-40 students all nursing some type of injury, due to Hommal's magic all is silent.

Approaching the front desk Hommal librarian is sat behind a mountain of books as always one particular volume in his handle. He raises his wand at your approach and suddenly his voice resounds inside your head."What do you require today,Kaleth? I understand congratulations are in order.

Kaleth steps into the library and takes a deep breath. He is comforted by the familiar smell of dust and old book. He had spent many days pouring over various tomes and scrolls learning as much about the creatures he planned to hunt. Kaleth glanced at several of the students studying in clusters. They were new to the academy and the awe of the library size was apparent much as his was the first time he stepped through the doors. Kaleth stepped towards the desk and inclined his head to the librarian.

Master Hommal, I thank you. We have been given our first mission. It is in the town of Brackenbalick. I would like to see what the library holds on the town and any possible creatures that have terrorized it in the past.


Hommal swishes his wand around a few times and 3 incredibly large books silently hit the table, Hommal directs you to a seat.

Resting on the table are 3 dusty books each one must have been some years since they where read.The gilded lettering on the front of the books reads.
Brackenbalick a history in darkwood
Brackenbalick besieged by trickster
Brackenbalick Fey breach

You figure you could read one of these books completely in this time or skim all 3.

OOC: Reading one full book I will give you all relevant information it contains. Skimming a book will require an investigation roll to determine what you pick out.
If you don't want to spend the full hour reading let me know how long and ill adjust things accordingly.


Skimming over the history book you find a few things of interest.
Brackenbalick was a small elven village founded some 100years ago it was nothing but a few farms and a lumberjacks. Then some 20years later it was a thriving trade hub some 500strong dealing mostly in Darkwood.
30years after that town was struck by a plague killing 60% of its inhabitants. The town slowly rebuilt and once again was struck low by a strange plague.

There are other various tidbits such as mayors names important trades things of that nature but they don't seem overly important.

OOC: Skimming through this hefty volume has cost you 20mins

Charwoman Gene

"Kalveen, I think we need to see about making sure we have all the provisions we are going to need." Colember says.

OOC: I want to do some last minute tweaking on my equipment list.

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