Dark Fairytale IC


Time runs past as Colember outfits himself properly while Kaleth and Kalveen try to discern what they are up against.

Heading to the hall of portals the 3 companions meet infront of a large solid wooden door with metal bands running across it. In front of the door stands the two guards, the hoods on their brown robes pulled down so their chin is all that can be seen, some people say they are not of this world but from somewhere else all that is known is they have never failed in their duty of guarding the portal. As you approach the atmosphere changes and suddenly your body becomes heavy, so heavy you cannot lift your legs to walk. After a moment the moment the door swings open unbidden by anyone and the great weight is lifted from you.

Entering the room is not what you expected the floor is missing or rather misplaced there is large floating slab of masonry with a single ladder the only access way. As your feet hit the stone floor you realize they make no sound at all.

Asheena is stood at the base of the ladder seeing you all stood in the doorway she turns and climbs the ladder. Climbing the ladder reveals the rungs are actually made of silver.

Atop the ladder on the floating island is a floor etched with magical runes and a large portal. Asheena simply stands and watches you enter the portal and vanish from the building where you were safe to somewhere far from home.

You arrive in the dark wood forest a village lies ahead of you not far away, you can only assume it is Brackenbalick. The sun has all but set casting sinister shadows all around, you get the feeling you could be in for a rough night.

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Charwoman Gene

"Ah, my friends, at last we set forth on the mission we've been selected for! Let us never forget this moment, heavy with promise, heavy with dread."

River Song

"Indeed my Lord," Kalveen responds instinctively before casting a practised eye on their surrounds.


"your indulgence for one moment Lord," he whispers and quickly moves about looking for tracks and signs of recent activity.



Kalveen doesn't see anything out of place from this distance the village looks deserted apart from smoke billowing out of the little hovels. Kalveen finds a bit to much recent activity to discern anything of worth many things have been through here some man and some beast.

Kaleth looks down towards the village. With with dusk upon them and night approaching fast they needed to get moving. Kaleth waits patiently as Kalveen scans the area for trouble and tracks. When the man asks to lead Kaleth nods.

We should get moving. It will be night soon and we do not want to be out in the forest when that happens.

OOC: Current Psychic Focus: Telepathic Contact


Arriving in the small village it is apparent something is amiss the streets are all but deserted, the only soul out on the streets is a elf slumped over an empty bottle resting his back against the village well, the only stone building in the village everything else is made from the sturdy darkwood. The lights from the buildings and smoke billowing from there roofs are all that shows the village is not entirely deserted.

Kaleth walks down the deserted streets. It was not unusual for villagers to hide indoors as night falls. He looks at the drunken man and the buildings. He turns to his companions.

We should find the inn. We require rooms and perhaps we can talk to any villagers in the common room.

As Kaleth speaks he looks around for any signs that indicate which building is an inn or tavern.

OOC: Setting question, are we hired by the places we are sent or do we get our missions some other way? If we are hired who in this town would have hired us?

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