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D&D General Do you want a 3D vtt?

Do you want a 3D vtt?

  • Yes

    Votes: 34 14.8%
  • No

    Votes: 122 53.3%
  • Maybe? I could me convinced.

    Votes: 69 30.1%
  • Lemon

    Votes: 4 1.7%


I crit!
A post that mentioned all the 2d vtt art assets there are got me thinking about a poll.
I’m curious about what the results would be here.

For me I do not want a 3D vtt. Really do not want. I run totm even when remote. Also I often find I need to draw out a battle mat.

I don’t like the distraction a 3D vtt would have for the totm play and I can’t imagine a quick way to plop a map down for an impromptu combat that needs one.

There are other reasons but those are top of mind.

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I voted no, but I am only speaking for myself here. I like TTRPGs being freed of the constraints of technology and existing in a shared imaginative space. I say this as a video gamer who got started gaming because my WWII vet grandfather shared his Atari 2600 with me. Video games have never matched the potential of my imagination, or that of my friends'. I expect the exact same limitations from an VTT.


Magic Wordsmith
I have access to Talespire which is 3D and it is pretty cool. I would definitely be using it but I understand they don't really have specific game support yet with regard to character sheets and the like. If that changes, I will definitely prep and run some games in there, but would still probably run largely in Roll20. Prep would be heavier for Talespire. (That said, apparently you can share your prep with other DMs pretty easily so I could see a lot of resources piling up that you could grab even for impromptu situations that arise during play.)


Dunno. I'm old so it would have to be SUPER easy to use. And I have a ton invested in miniatures and terrain, and I enjoy painting and using them. So I'm not exactly their target market. But I do run some games online, so if it was an intuitive system, and reasonably priced, I could be sold. Maybe.

Do I think it's a bad idea? Not sure. I don't think it will be a moneymaker with the potential of films, etc., but if executed well it could make them a tidy sum.


Not really, 2d is easier to create, has lots of tools and assets and does not lock me into one platform.

I do not see 3d getting to that point, esp. the locking me in part.

Even if it offered all this, I am not convinced it offers important enough benefits to warrant switching.

I’ll keep an eye on what is developing out there and do not rule out switching to 3d, but from where I stand right now that is an uphill battle for the vtt

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