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D&D General Do you want a 3D vtt?

Do you want a 3D vtt?

  • Yes

    Votes: 34 14.8%
  • No

    Votes: 122 53.3%
  • Maybe? I could me convinced.

    Votes: 69 30.1%
  • Lemon

    Votes: 4 1.7%


Victoria Rules
It's a cool idea but I'm only interested if they throw in (for free!) the tech I'd need to run it; given that right now I can barely use roll20. Otherwise, a non-starter.

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Definitely not for me. Too fine-grained maps and too much automation already push play into the "video gamey" territory for me. I'd take (and would pay for) nice black&white maps and tokens for my 2D VTT, though.


A good one, yes. I've had to do some ridiculous stuff for 3D combat in the past, so I'd prefer a tool to do it for me. The tokens and terrain can be mostly 2D still, but elevation matters.


I want a new Neverwinter Nights

I def see a market for a 3D VTT, but, eh. its again a "You'll have to impress me with it" type of situation because at its heart, its going to be a simple thing.

I want my VTT to be as simple as possible. I never want technology to be a hurdle in bringing people into D&D. 2D VTTs keep things as simple as possible. Browser based. Very low computer requirements. 3D starts making things complicated much faster, which leads to a steeper learning curve and more technology requirements.


I've got30.7gigs of assets in my vtt & run games in person with a touch enabled tvbox & players barely look at the screen outside of positioning in combat. The idea of a 3d vtt is not in itself a thing I dislike but it would need to be a big improvement for me as a GM & I have a hard time seeing how 3d could help.

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