Dragonlance DRAGONLANCE is coming this year!

This year, a hardcover book and a 'battle game'. Here's the teaser trailer! The adventure is set at the start of the War of the Lance, while the battle game is designed for 'large scale' battles. And they're coming later this year, in 2022.
  • Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen
  • Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn

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Michael Linke

Mine is shallow, but tying into Mass Comabt rules was one of the base design intentions for the new Setting and having a giant war as the centerpiece. The TSR folks were old wargamers, after all! Injecting some Lord of the Rings unto their usual Conan fare.
I'm hoping this can be a spiritual successor to Birthright, or original Dark Sun. We may never again see the setting diversity we had back in the TSR days, but they may be able to combine the mechanical hybridization of Wargaming and Roleplaying with the beloved Dragonlance setting to kill three birds with one stone.


I actually wonder if they'll have a bundle set that combines Shadows of the Dragon Queen with Wariors of Krynn.
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Some of the old DL modules had Battlesystem battles included in them. The most interesting one hads the Aquatic Elves (and allies) battling various forces of aquatic evil. If you didn't have Battlesystem, you could still play the modules, the DM would just have to make up what happened for the war elements. When the original modules ended in DL14, there had been two non-modules. DL5 was sort of like a mini sourcebook for the setting and it was either DL 10 or DL11 that was just a hex-and-counter wargame covering the War of the Lance. If you just wanted the adventures, both could be skipped. When I originally ran the modules, I owned Battlesystem but no one was interested in using it so we just ignored it.

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
I wonder what will be the level range of this adventure.
Cant wait to see if I'll be able to squish it somewhere in my ultimate D&D campaign using Lost Mines + Icespire Peak + Stormwreck + Tyranny of Dragons + Storm King's!

Throw in a few episodes from Red Hand of Doom and Scales of War, and I think this could be a multi-campaign adventures in the waiting.

Now, where would I put the Nentir Vale in Krynn?....


For a moment, I though they were going to bring this game back:


I had a friend who had it, it wasn't too bad (it was a lot like Joust the boardgame), but whoever had the high ground usually won.

Also, besides the modules that had Battlesystem scenarios (DL8 - Dragons of War, DL12 - Dragons of Faith, DL14 - Dragons of Triumph), there was an entire book that was a chit-based wargame that covered the ENTIRE War of the Lance in DL11 - Dragons of Glory.

Birthright had it's own system of mass battles as well that was a bit more abstracted than Battlesystem, but meatier than the mass combat system from the War Machine mass combat rules from the basic Companion/Rules Encyclopedia. There was also the Chainmail skirmish rules from the 90s (and a Battlesystem Skirmish rules set from a few years before), and of course the D&D minis battle game (with mass combat in the Miniatures Handbook) - and that game system itself had a spin-off game with a few boxed skirmish sets during the 4E years.

And then there's always Battle of Nerath for a Risk-style fix.

(All of this begs for a thread about the various D&D battle games that's more in-depth)

Curious to see what this version will be like.



Important piece here; it does seem that the book will primarily be an adventure, and seems to be set mostly in an unexplroed part of Ansalom. Known locations and NPCs do feature/cameo, but the focus is on new material.

It is also not a reset, this is just happening concurrently with events that we all know from books/modules before.
So that brings me back to my previous question. Can this really be classified as a "classic setting" or is it just an "adventure." If we look back at Ravenloft, we got an adventure first (Curse of Strahd) and then Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft. This adventure seems more like the former than the latter, so I'm going to assume we are still getting a second classic "campaign setting" book later this year.


Don't forget that there's apparently another classic setting coming probably next year unless their plans have changed. So whatever you're hoping for might still happen.

(As long as it's Dark Sun, because I'm pretty sure the next classic setting is going to be Dark Sun).
Welp, Spelljammer, so that's great!

I'm not a huge Dark Sun fan, but I would eagerly buy that setting as well. Assuming that they ever settle on how they're doing psionics, of course.

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