D&D 5E EB's Into the Eye of the Storm - PotA Campaign - IC

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OOC: Did you mean bonus action: disengage, action: Dash??

Cyan chases after the flying tiefling and watches as a few of the skeletons swing their rusty scimitars in vain. But a couple of the others ignore the storm sorcerer and continue running forward, right up next to the dragonborn. And as she had passed the zombie the creature reached down and tossed one of the baskets at her, bits of bone and severed body parts flying everywhere. But one of the hands scratches into the stone as it claws its way forward towards her.

Niklos puts another crossbow shaft into the zombie as it turns to move towards the last of the baskets. Meanwhile Terry steps up with a glowing weapon hopefully to make short work of the severed claw, but Talin is a bit quicker than the cleric and runs the thing through. Before he can comment, the second claw springs at him.

And suddenly a dark disk of shadow flares into being between the rogue and dirty scracthing claws. Again and again it tries to penetrate the mystical shield, but to no avail. Then as suddenly as it appeared the shadow shield dims and fades away.

AC:18, HP: 11/11, HD: 1/1(1d8), 1/1(1d6), WotS: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0
AC:16, HP: 14/18, HD: 1/1(1d8+1), 1/1(1d10+1), SW: 1/1, BW: 1/1
AC:14 HP: 17/17, HD: 2/2(1d8+2), Channel Divinity: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0
AC:16, HP: 09/15, HD 1/1(1d8+2), 1/1(1d6+2), Evil Eye: 1/1, Spells: 0/0/0
AC:16, HP: 12/17, HD 2/2(1d8+2), Channel Divinity: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0

AC:8 HP: 08/22
Skeletons all are AC:13
1) 13/13 HP
2) 13/13 HP
3) 13/13 HP
4) 13/13 HP
Crawling Claws all are AC:12
1) 02/02 HP atk Talin [roll0]; dmg [roll1]
2) 00/02 HP dead
3) 02/02 HP
necro cave_L5_03.jpg[/sblock]

OOC: Party is up.
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OOC: She doesn't have bonus action to disengage and I got confused as to how many creatures were left she was engaged with. So OA away I guess. Lol

Terry steps forward and tries again with the next crawling hand.... crushing it. She tells talin, "We gotta stop that zombie."

OOC: Attack [roll0] Damage [roll1]


[sblock=OOC for AoO]
OOC: AoO? Why?

It was for when Cyan ran off from melee. For some reason I keep thinking she has Cunning Actions, but is a rogue1/fighter1 - so retconed the attack. Hope heo4hire takes rogue 2 next level instead of fighter 2 or I'll probably be making this mistake for even longer LOL[/sblock]

Talin looks over at Terry and nods.

"I got it."

He moves swiftly towards the zombie and slashes at it with his sword. The attack wasn't pretty but it landed and the zombie crumples into a heap. With the zombie returned to the dead Talin continues to move to backup Cyan.

OOC: Action: Moving to engage the Zombie near the tables. Casting Booming Blade and striking the zombie. Any additional movement I have I will use to get closer to Cyan and the skeletons
Booming Blade attack on Zombie: 1d20+6 9
Piercing damage on Zombie: 1d8+4 8

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