D&D 5E EB's Into the Eye of the Storm - PotA Campaign - IC

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Talin motions to the shadowy figure behind the skeletons.

"There is something in the back directing the skeletons. It could be another necromancer."

Talin then draws his sword and waits for the others.


Cyan knew she was most effective working in concert with an ally to distract her foes, so she waited for one of her allies to engage as she would be close behind.


The cowled figure continues his "sewing" as the group readies themselves. They pause catching their bearings, and the slightly hidden figure near the skeletons starts to laugh, "Mwahahaha! You fools dare challenge the Lord of Lance Rock! You have done nothing but added your corpses to my growing army. Flee now or suffer the fate of undeath!"

This "Lord of Lance Rock" figure must be hiding behind the corner at the end of the room, because now you can't see him, although you can hear his boasting well enough.

OOC: Everyone trying to be nice and let the others go first. LOL NOTE: Captain Barakas can fly in this room the ceiling is 40' high.


Captain Barajas STORMSWORD (Seriously, someday the narrator will learn his full name) takes off into the air, heading over the enemies, looking for the wizard.

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