D&D 5E EB's Into the Eye of the Storm - PotA Campaign - IC


Captain Barakas Stormsword laughed at nearest enemy, slashing at it with his vibrating sword.

[roll1] + [roll2] If he moves.

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The ballerina must have been a small woman in life, and now in undeath her midsection is but inches wide. Cyan cleaves through the dancing zombie cutting her in half with the thick bladed shortswords. As she falls Talin leaps over the bosy and engages the zombie in the bear suit, beside Terry (who just cracked it over the head), and Captain Barakas whose blade vibrates as if it is holding a small tempest within the metal.

Niklos's aim is true and another crossbow bolt thumps the chest of the beast, but it takes it without flinching. It just holds it's arms out as if it were a real bear rearing up on its hind legs and stalking the group. Talin attacks it low and a wisp of shadow moves from his sword to surround the thighs and waist of the creature. Combined with the wind that blows from seemingly nowhere the shadows move quicker than the rogue-sorcerer expected. Covering the zombie in moments. And then....



The zombie lurches and back to back thunderous detentions rip the creatures arms and legs from its torso and it falls to the ground in a heap of parts, covered in a bear skin.

OOC: CON save from sword. DC 11 [roll0]
moves booming blade #1 [roll1], CON save [roll2]
moves booming blade #2 DC 11 CON save[roll3]
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The group pause for a minute as the last thunderous echo dies down. The stand prepared listening, but after another minute they hear nothing like a horde of zombies coming their way. Taking a look back down both the tunnels leading out of this odd room they twist and turn not allowing anyone's darkvision to penetrate to deeply.

[sblock=Better Map]
To small to use for Combat.

necro cave_0.jpg[/sblock]
[sblock=Current Stats]
AC:18, HP: 11/11, HD: 1/1(1d8), 1/1(1d6), WotS: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0
AC:16, HP: 18/18, HD: 1/1(1d8+1), 1/1(1d10+1), SW: 1/1, BW: 1/1
AC:14 HP: 17/17, HD: 2/2(1d8+2), Channel Divinity: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0
AC:16, HP: 15/15, HD 1/1(1d8+2), 1/1(1d6+2), Evil Eye: 1/1, Spells: 1/0/0
AC:16, HP: 12/17, HD 2/2(1d8+2), Channel Divinity: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0
OOC: Just need you all to pick a path.

“Let them come,” Says Captain Barakas Stormsword. “They will feel the wrath of the storm.”

"Captain, it is not that I fear them or doubt the power of the storm. It is that I do not wish to have our exit cut off by them," Terry says. "Your direction is as good as the other. But they are approaching this chamber from the west and we go north they will be in front of us and behind us. No one lusts for battle where one is surrounded, but a fool. Unfortunately, there is also no value in standing still. So let us move quickly. North is still as good a way to go as any unless someone else objects?"

OOC: Terry will resume position 4 in the tunnel marching order as soon as we are under way.

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