D&D 5E EB's Into the Eye of the Storm - PotA Campaign - IC


Talin takes point once more and cautiously starts looking for tripwires, sliding walls, or falling rocks as he moves slowly along the tight tunnel, With Cyan helping they both discover nothing and then before them they find a small room, at the tunnels dead-end. And sitting on the floor side by side in this room are two closed chest.

From the entry way the two rogues look at each other and nod, defiantly trapped.

OOC: VLAD is on VA-CA so will need Cyan to take point on this one. Roll a Wisdom(Perception) check with advantage for Cyan please.

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Cyan sees nothing out of the ordinary around the chest the floor walls and ceiling seem safe enough. The chest themselves also look safe enough, although it is odd they are sitting out in the open in the middle of the room.

OOC: Everything looks ok, but "feels" off.
- Everyone give me a quick check in to what your character would do in this odd situation, plz.

necro cave_L6.jpg[/sblock]


The passage opens into an enormous cavern illuminated by several guttering torches set in sconces on the walls. The floor is uneven, and the ceiling is forty feet up. Three flat boulders near the passage serve as tables for human corpses. Severed body parts sit in baskets by the foot of each stone table, covered in dry gore. A figure in a dark hood stands by the third table, its back to you. Matted hair juts from the hood, and the figure holds a bone needle threaded with dark cord in its hand.

Farther to the north, a stone stair climbs the east wall, ending near the ceiling. A stone slab like a counter juts from the wall across the room from the base of the stairs. It holds saws, knives, and other tools. Four skeletons stand beyond this tool bench, guarding a wide passage that exits the to the north.

AC:18, HP: 11/11, HD: 1/1(1d8), 1/1(1d6), WotS: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0
AC:16, HP: 18/18, HD: 1/1(1d8+1), 1/1(1d10+1), SW: 1/1, BW: 1/1
AC:14 HP: 17/17, HD: 2/2(1d8+2), Channel Divinity: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0
AC:16, HP: 15/15, HD 1/1(1d8+2), 1/1(1d6+2), Evil Eye: 1/1, Spells: 2/0/0
AC:16, HP: 12/17, HD 2/2(1d8+2), Channel Divinity: 1/1, Spells: 3/0/0

Hooded Figure
AC:8 HP: 22/22
Skeletons all are AC:13
1) 13/13 HP
2) 13/13 HP
3) 13/13 HP
4) 13/13 HP[/sblock]
necro cave_L5_00.jpg[/sblock]

OOC: Stealth check [roll0]
Terrible roll everyone's passive perception is good enough to notices a shadowy figure behind the skeletons seeming to direct them.

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