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D&D 5E EB's KotB: (Group 2) Soul of the Lions


the magical equivalent to the number zero
With some amusement, Sahrax watches Üngar interact with the small animals. They appear to trust the dwarf, which Sahrax takes as a good sign.

Then he listens intently as the dwarf relates the animals' news.

"A swamp giant? Does that mean a giant, or merely much larger than these animals? Either way, I think we should seek it out to see if the workers would be in danger from it. Let's check out the path and look for giant tracks on the way."

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Tassarion Liadon
Hullack Woods
Round 0

Tassarion listened quietly to Ungar’s report of a swamp giant. It didn’t sound familiar to anything he knew. Sahrax suggested they should hunt it, and Tassarion finally spoke up, perhaps for the first time, his voice cracked and hoarse from disuse.

“We should not get far from the workers,” he said. “We are here to protect them, not range about hunting. If it be a danger, it will come to us. Otherwise hunting should wait until road is complete.”

Action: (Extra Attack)
Bonus Action:
Free Object Interaction:

[sblock=Mini Stats]
AC: 15
HP: 37/37
HD: 5/5 1d10+1
Arrows used: 0
Action Surge (1/R)
Second Wind (1/R)
Arcane Shot (2/2/R): Grasping Arrow or Seeking Arrow


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Surprised, Sahrax looks at the wood elf. Having accepted that his sylvan cousin would remain silent throughout their mission, the wizard did not expect him to voice his disagreement on this subject. Apparently Tassarion feels strongly about this, and Sahrax finds himself nodding in agreement.

"Of course, their safety is our priority. I will cast a ritual that will alert us to danger that approaches from the forest."

With that, the diviner draws forth his spellbook and, flipping through the pages, walks towards the edge of the wood and just a bit beyond. Estimating the speed of building the road for one day, Sahrax decides on a spot just a bit further, then starts droning out the incantation, occassionally making arcane gestures or drawing forth some mysterious components from a small pouch.

OOC: Ritual casting Alarm in a 20-foot area in the forest just beyond where Sahrax expects the workers to reach by the end of this day. He makes sure that both the party and the workers do not trigger the alarm, but any other Small or larger creature does.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"A mile or so," Sahrax answers after he finishes his ritual, closing his spellbook and tucking it back into his tunic. "It's a mental warning I receive, otherwise we might miss the sound."


OOC: The path through the woods is only a bit over 500ft long. So you could transverse it a couple times, i.e. walk patrols, and check in on the road works every trip back.


OOC: Rechecking....rechecking.... hmmm. I did change the scale on the map they had everything really close. It "was" 500ft before it is around 1,250 ft now. Thanks for checking up on me. So you should be able to transverse the path from start back to start in say 20 minutes or so.


OOC: Don't use normal combat movement, but the traveling rates. Normal 3 miles/hour and still able to make Perception and Stealth checks without disadvantage.

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