D&D 4E Greyhawk 4e: Back to the Beginning...


Eternal Optimist
In many ways, my approach to GH reflects the reasons behind my initial interest in it back in the day. I liked the setting because there was no metaplot, no novels, and little canon. If I ever use the Greyhawk wars, as an example, I'd rather use the war as a current plot point/developing event for my campaign, rather than read about it.

That's what I did in my campaign. My original campaign (which I was a player in) ran from 576-582 CY and covered the beginning of the war.

The next campaign, which I DMed, ran from 576 and is still ongoing in one form or another. It's about 594 CY now. In that time, I've dealt with Vecna, Iuz, the Greyhawk Wars - which take place quite differently in my campaign - the Age of Worms and a bunch of other stuff. It's quite a rich world now. I was able to incorporate all the stuff from the original campaign and the Greyhawk Wars and use it to drive the action and make things fun for my players.

However, I really don't like the Greyhawk Wars much. To a large extent, the Greyhawk I'm DMing today (using what's released of Castle Zagyg!) is still based on that 1983 boxed set. A few things that are cool have happened (like the Shield Lands have been overrun, and that's a major point in the campaign), but mostly it's 1983 standard.

And I'd be quite happy if the 4e Greyhawk just worked on that idea.


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So, Ultimate Greyhawk, eh?

I think it sounds interesting. Though I agree with Henry that I'd rather see something entirely new, possibly designed using the same principles (monsters overrunning small towns here, megabig badguy over here, intrigue-land that way, etc.). They're doing FR this year, Eberron next, and it would be cool to see something new in '10.



Rebooting Greyhawk to CY579 is all well and good, but shoehorning in "Tieflings" and "Dragonborn" (arguably the worst races introduced to the game since Gary let people play Drow :( )...guh. Just...guh.

Also, elves out "eldarin" in? WTF.

Ah well, it isn't like my SUPPLEMENT I: GREYHAWK or my WORLD OF GREYHAWK folios or boxed sets (or supporting modules) are going to crumble to dust when this...thing...is released (if ever).

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