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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
GM: Queen's saving throw: (16) = Saved

The queen looks at Ordred with a burning hatred, and screams at him in Draconic.

Queen: "I am NOT some weak-minded simpleton for you to overpower! Come face me, Dwarf! Your kind is a red, ruddy wart on the rear-end of the world!"

SPHYNX: It is your turn! What do you do?

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Posting on behalf of Sphynx:

Sphynx, Concentrate Check (Resist Pain)
DC 14
1d20+8 (-4) = 13+8 = 21; 21-4 = 17
Sphynx Concentrate Check (Melee Casting)
DC 16
1d20+8 (-4) = 19+8 = 27; 27-4 = 23
Damage: 4,2 = 6 pts. damage.

Sphynx has had enough; he is not angry, he is not frustrated, he simply comes to the decision that he should end this fight. He focuses his strength of will, to not only fight off the pain, but also to cast without distraction; he achieves both goals, and as his reward, two, bright blue shards slam into the Kobold Queen, dropping her to the ground in a heap. The battle is over!

Sphynx says nothing; he does not feel angry, nor sad, nor joyful, nor excited. To him, the Kobold Queen is just a number, just another entry in his daily diary, just someone who got in his way. Now she was a memory, a thing of the past, a thing to be quickly forgotten.

Before anyone can get a word in edge-wise, Hawke quickly steps into the next room and kills the Kobold who was cowering; there is no avarice, just pragmatism. It's easier to put him down, as a precaution. The blow is quick and merciful, the result immediate. The Chief, his Queen, and his Elite Guard are all dead. All that remains is the practical matter of collecting the spoils.

EVERYONE: Combat has ended! Please go to LINE chat and state your intentions.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
SIDENOTE: In the first few moments after the fight, while the party is catching their breath, and looking around for further threats, the rest of the injured Kobolds, along with the Chief's Dire Wolf, bleed out and die.

As this happens, a strange thing occurs: the body of the Chieftain changes form, to reveal a dead, Human male, with tribal markings! It is one of the Wendol tribesmen (not one of the EXACT ones, just a member of the tribe) that the party encountered earlier! And it suddenly dawns on everyone, that it is possible that this is happening among the other Humanoids as well; it would certainly explain the ability of the Wendol tribesmen to exert so much influence over these other Humanoids...
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawke surveys the carnage after he has caught his breath, and after the party has gathered the spoils together. His eyes widen with amazement.

Hawke says, "Looks like we hit the jackpot. And the other Kobolds appear to have slept in, and not heard the raucous. It took us all a good ten minutes to gather this stuff, and we haven't seen hide nor hair of any other Kobolds yet. Let's tie these bigger pieces up into bundles, to make them easier to carry. If we run into trouble along the way, we can drop them if we need to."


13 MW Rose Gold Spears
6 MW Rose Gold Machetes
6 MW SMALL Composite Short Bows Set For 12 STR
1 MW SMALL Composite Short Bow Set For 14 STR
120 Arrows (Normal Quality)
20 MW Arrows
13 MW SMALL Suits of Leather Armor

2,023 Silver
164 Gold
289 Platinum
10,234 Copper

Chieftain's Necklace (Steel Chain w/ Big Ruby ("Log Roller" sized)
("Heart of the Dragon") w/ 1,500 gp.

2 Blue Potions
2 Pink Potions

Holy Symbol of Nerull (Silver Disc, 4" Diameter, on Golden Chain) w/ 800 gp.

13 Spears weigh: 39 lbs.
6 Machetes weigh: 18 lbs.
7 Shortbows weigh: 14 lbs.
13 Suits of MW Leather weigh: 104 lbs.

Back in Room #3 (where you met Ordred) there is a spool of leather cord, that would be sufficient to tie the weapons and armor into 4 big bundles (See the spoiler above). Hawke can carry the biggest (armor) bundle in one hand, propped on his shoulder. The other 3 bundles should be small and light enough for 1 character each to carry. These bundles can easily be dropped (as a free action) in the event of combat. This represents the bulk of the loot. Everything else will probably fit into the various haversacks that the party has.

Leather armor base cost (small) = 5 gp.
Masterwork = +150 gp.
Value of Kobold Masterwork Leather: 155 gp.

(13 MW SMALL Suits of Leather Armor = 2,015 gp. market value.)

Rose Gold Iron Ore, value per ounce: 15 gp.
Drogonspine spear head: 8" long, weighing 2 oz. per inch. (Thus, 8" spear head weighs 1 lb.)

Dragonspine machete blade: 12" long, weighing about 24 oz. (1.5 lbs.)

Normal weight of short sword (machete): 2 lbs.
Normal weight of javelin: 2 lbs.

Weight of Rose Gold Machete: 3 lbs.
Weight of Rose Gold Spear: 3 lbs.

Rose Gold Spear Head value: 240 gp.
Rose Gold Machete Blade value: 360 gp.

Material cost will be figured into Masterwork cost for weaponry, with excess value applied at the end.

Masterwork weapons = base cost + 300 gp.

Small short sword base cost: 5 gp.
Small javelin base cost: 1 gp.
Value of Rose Gold Spear: 301 gp. (x13) = 3,913 gp. market value.
Value of Rose Gold Machete:
365 gp. (x6) = 2,190 gp. market value.

Comp. Shortbow = 75 gp. (MED) / 50 gp. (SM) = 350 gp. each.
(x7) = 2,450 gp. market value.
20 MW Arrows = 140 gp.

You can likely get between 60 and 70 percent of these amounts from a merchant; perhaps more from Sir Walter, if you're willing to wait.

EVERYONE: What do you do now? Experience award is coming next, but until it is posted, now is the time for the party to discuss their next move; do you want to leave now, with the loot you have, or stay, and deal with the rest of the tribe first?
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Aust Thale

Quixt, after retrieving bow:
“When we decide to leave, I have magical scrolls to assist carrying our treasure from this place, should we need them.”

He is wary of staying too long, although if this place could be secured, he’d be fine resting here. The cave is cool inside compared to the arid sun outside. He’d be fine not returning to the Keep just yet. However, he’s amiable to the others’ suggestions.

He’d like to find the others he was supposed to meet. Were they to have met a foul end, he thought there might be an item or two of value to retrieve.


Ordred grits his teeth breathing in halted, shallow breaths as his eyes flick between the slain Kobolds hatefully. ~Curse these overgrown lizards!~ Ordred is unaccustomed to falling in battle so swiftly. The damage to his pride and his ego easily outweighs the lingering paid in his abdomen. ~It is the power of Nerull that nearly overwhelmed us, not these vermin!~ He rationalizes, glancing down at his ruined prized Mithril breastplate smeared in his own blood, as are his hands where they clutched at the spear that impaled him. -speaking dwarven- "Wherrre in the hells am I going to find a smith qualified to rrrepairrr this?!" He mutters, clenching his jaw pouring some clean water out of his waterskin to wash his blood off his hands.

Hawke says, "Looks like we hit the jackpot. And the other Kobolds appear to have slept in, and not heard the raucous. It took us all a good ten minutes to gather this stuff, and we haven't seen hide nor hair of any other Kobolds yet. Let's tie these bigger pieces up into bundles, to make them easier to carry. If we run into trouble along the way, we can drop them if we need to."

Quixt, after retrieving bow:
“When we decide to leave, I have magical scrolls to assist carrying our treasure from this place, should we need them.”

-speaking common- "Aye it's a good haul. I haft a bag of holding I can rrre purrrpose for some of it." Ordred says moving to stand beside Quixt. "Thank you for saving my life." He states appreciatively reaching up to clasp the humans shoulder. "I will not forget it."

Ordred moves around the corpses and stands near the fallen Wendol, formally the chieften, kneeling down grimacing as he examines the Wendol closely with an expression of mixed fascination and revulsion. Several moments of contemplation pass as the dwarf ponders many uncomfortable questions. In truth he is so lost in thought he seemingly ignores the others collecting the loot as if any present thought of reward is meaningless compared to what yet still has to be done.

After what is desired has been gathered, Sphynx offers, "I do not really want to trudge all the way back to that keep, but we should take our respite away from this active den. I am for either making camp in the woods or skirting around to the make use of the Ogre cave."

Finally Ordred speaks, to no one in particular but loud enough that everyone can hear.

-speaking common- "These Wendol are worrrse than the rrrumorrrs..." He says matter-of-factly. "...I shudderrr to think of what else they arrre capable of." His thoughts flick back towards the secret door he noticed earlier. "There is another doorrr, a secrrret door, behind us. Prrrobably theirrr den wherrre they keep theirrr young." He looks towards Hawke. "As you say the otherrrs haft not heard us, they may even be sleeping. We should finish them off! The staff and the unholy symbol of Nerrrull may not be the only items here we need to destroy."

Noting expressions of fatigue, doubt and/or disapproval Ordred continues growling. "Yes I have lost a lot of blood but my thinking is clear! We must finish what we starrrted. This nest does not seem to connect to otherrr cafes, forrr which I am grateful..." He adds with a short pause before continuing on with another thought. "What if it isn't just the Kobolds who haft been manipulated and corrrupted by the Wendol?"

Ordred looks around to each of the others, one of his eyes murky and clouded where the scars of his torture and captivity nearly cost him his sight. The unspoken message is clear. He cannot abide.

Ordred swallows. "I only came here for the rrrose gold, not as a perrrsonal crrrusade against efil rrraces. I will be glad to be away from this place and happierrr to haft something to show for it. And yet, the idea of turrrning my back on these caves and leaving the Wendol to theirrr wicked ways ways rrreally sticks in my craw!"

Aust Thale

To Ordred, watching him examine the Wendol / Chieftain, speaks to Ordred in a crisp, clean dwarvish borne of formal education, “You are most welcome; most ‘friends’ I have tend to be purchased. I’m most pleased to make one an honest way, that is, attending to you as a friend, not purchasing loyalty. I would imagine, given your bearing, you deliver as withering a blow as you take. If you don’t mind, I shall likely give you opportunities to return the favor? And perhaps share a pint and meal after the effort?

Quixt is sincere. He is capable of supreme guile, and it’s easy to sense that he would rather not share much information about himself. Not just yet. But in the wilds and in dungeons, getting from one moment to the next requires some trust, at least on an individual level. He’d keep one eye on his newfound mates, but he’d face injury or perhaps death himself to keep their company.

Ordred, do you need the other potion now? I do not need it. Or perhaps Hawke, Nimbar, or Sphynx would need it? And I think your bag of holding is a splendid notion. How much can it carry?

Quixt touches his belt, activating it singularly.
Instantly, his wounds from the kobold counter heal, leaving visible scars but otherwise with no evidence that he had been injured.
2d8=11 hit points restored.

If any of you want to heal up, I’ll provide this belt. All you need is a moment, and it will cure moderate or light wounds and injuries. If not, we should be about our way. “

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