Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The Lay of the Land...

Lathir Gibbon climbs down the well shaft easily, stopping at the mouth in the top of the cavern ceiling. Looking around, aided by the daylight streaming down the well shaft, and by the luminescent moss that covers the cavern walls and floor, Lathir Gibbon discovers what is actually down below; the golem is nowhere to be seen, but there are plenty of undead to be had, many of whom are clustered closely enough for a well-placed Flame Strike spell.

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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Lathir Makes a Hasty Decision

Seeing the danger below but having no way to communicate it to the rest of the party because he is still in the form of a gibbon, Lathir takes the next best course of action that comes to mind.

Willing the area of effect of his Flame Strike to flatten as to prevent torching himself as well, Lathir / Gibbon centers the area of effect on the largest concentration of undead.

OOC: Flame Strike: 7d6 = 28

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Lathir reveals his TRUE POWER!

Since Lathir is hanging 20' above the undead, there is no need to roll initiative, since they cannot possibly hope to reach or affect him in any way.

Lathir, knowing that the Flame Strike spell will produce a column of fire that is 40' high, and knowing that the spell will start at a fixed point and travel downward, and knowing that the spell's overflow will cause it to expand in a confined area, sets the spell to begin at a point that is 15' above the floor. Thus, instead of a 40' tall column with a 10' radius spread, the flattened column becomes 15' tall, spreading out to a 35' radius (10' + 25' worth of overflow.) Spellcraft DC To Flatten Spell = 10 + Spell Level (4) = DC: 14. Lathir's Spellcraft check is +13, making his minimal result a 14, which means he cannot fail, thus there is no need to roll.



All 25 zombies fail their reflex saves, and take full damage (28 pts.)
18 of the 23 skeletons fail their reflex saves, and take full damage (28 pts.)
5 of the 23 skeletons make their reflex saves, and take half damage (14 pts.)


The metal spikes, which were already weak with age and rust, are melted into liquid slag by the huge column of fire!

There are 7 undead foes remaining. Anyone wanting to travel to the bottom of the well via the ring of feather falling (or in Lathir Gibbon's case, via climbing and jumping) should go ahead and roll initiative.

Undead Initiative:

Zombies: 9 (b)
Skeletons: 9 (a); i.e., tied initiative rolls = Skeletons win the tie, and go at 9a, while the zombies go at 9b.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Lathir makes his way across the ceiling to the near wall, then down. As quietly as possible, he attempts to retrieve his halfspear and make his way to the edge of the extending cavern.

OOC: Normal Initiave: 1d20+1 + 20

* I do not know if the Gibbon form changes these parameters, though, wow, on the roll.
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I take the excess rope and tie my own to it as well before wrapping it around a solid tree and tying it off. I will wait to climb down until everyone else has made it down safely, acting as a rearguard. The ring of feather fall tied with fishing line will be offered to each member as a failsafe.

OOC: Climb check: 17

Sylvar B.

Sylvar places his Naginata on his back, unstrings his bow and manges to tightly tuck the bow stave in his belt as he uses the ring of feather fall to reach the bottom of the well. Upon hitting the ground he opts to restring his bow and nock an arrow.

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Down Into Danger!

The party begins the ascent into the well shaft...

Initiative Count:

Respen: 22
Lathir: 20
Tam-Tam: 19a
Dewydd: 19b
Skeletons: 9a
Zombies: 9b
Thallok: 8
Sylvar: 5
Vale: 4

Since the rope is secured, and also being held steady, and since each member has the backup of Feather Falling, there is no need to make any climbing checks. I will assume that everyone who acts BEFORE the undead do is able to descend safely. Descending the rope is a full-round action. Dewydd is delaying his action until everyone else is down. After the undead act, there might be attacks of opportunity.

Respen makes it down safely.

Lathir reaches the point he indicated on the map, and successfully retrieves his spear.

Tam-Tam makes it down safely.

The undead surge forward when they sense living humanoid beings in the cavern!

None of the undead have enough movement to be able to attack. They take double-moves to get to their ending positions. Lathir, you are surprised to discover that they ignore you completely, running past you unguarded. You can take an attack of opportunity one one of the adjacent foes if you desire, although once you do so, you suspect that they might THEN see you as a threat and stop ignoring you.

Thallok descends safely, making sure to land out of the reach of the undead.

Sylvar descends safely, making sure to land out of the reach of the undead.

Vale descends safely, making sure to land out of the reach of the undead.

Dewydd descends safely, making sure to land out of the reach of the undead.



Respen, it's your turn. What do you do?

Aust Thale

Respen Take Stock And Supports The Party

~ Lathir certainly thinned the herd. Note to self: don't make him angry. ~

Respen thought quickly as he was climbing down. The light was sufficient in the center, but all he could see at the perimeter were the eyes until they rushed forward. He could identify them; zombies and skeletons, but as mutilated as they were and as quickly as he was weaving to the flank, he couldn't completely make out the type of humanoids they came from. So far, the smoldering remains of the mass that Lathir sorted out appeared to be a hodgepodge lot, what was left of them anyway.

As Respen landed at the bottom of the well, he moved with skill to flank the undead to their right, his left, nearly to the wall, utilizing all of his skill as a scout to maximize his defense and offense. He moved his fingers into a grip, and a medium-sized rock appeared in his hand. He whispered words in Elvish to himself, and the rock glowed hot. He threw the rock as the "tip of the spear" of the spell, and fire crackled from his hand toward the left most undead skeleton.

OOC: Kelgore's Firebolt: 5d6 dam. (Reflex 1/2) if fail to pass Spell Resistance = 1d6 dam.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Reflex Save DC= 14;
Roll = 1 (Critical Failure)
Damage: 5d6, maxed for rolling 1 on save.
(30 pts.)
The Skeleton is utterly destroyed (turned to ash.)

Respen tosses the glowing rock at the nearest Skeleton, catching him at the exact, most desirable angle possible; the Skeleton ignites, engulfed in magical fire, burning to ashes in a single instant!


LATHIR: It's your turn. What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Lathir thinks,
~Too bad these are mindless undead or being attacked by a gibbon whose hand suddenly sprouts a flaming sword might have a more profound effect.~

Lathir/Gibbon holds his halfspear in his left hand concentrating momentarily on his right. A flaming blade springs forth. Lunging from his place near the wall toward the closest skeleton, Lathir/Gibbon bashes with his flaming sword like bashing with a club, hoping the flame may help.

OOC: Flame Blade (d8+1): GM, feel free to make appropriate rolls.

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