Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Attack w/ Flame Blade (23) hit
Damage 1d8+3 = 4 pts.

Lathir Gibbon swats the nearest skeleton with a blade composed entirely of flame, which springs forth from his empty hand.

The skeleton ignites, and begins to stagger, as the flames begin to deteriorate the magical essence that holds his form together; he isn't down yet, but one more swat should finish him.

Tam-Tam, it's your turn. What do you do?
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Composite shortbow in hand, with one arrow nocked to the string and ready for his second shot, Tam-Tam is a bit surprised by the sudden flaming disintegration of the skeleton before him; but, without missing a beat he shoots one, then two, at the zombie right behind where the skeleton was. He takes his two shots (Rollz: 15, then 12.).

If any hit, then the arrows do 6 and 4 points respectively.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Tam-Tam takes aim at a zombie...

The Zombie with a "T" next to him is the one that Tam-Tam targeted.
The Skeleton with the "L" next to it is the one that Lathir Gibbon is engaged with.
Tam-Tam Arrow #1: 15 (Hit)
Tam-Tam Arrow #2: 12 (Hit)
Arrow #1: 6 (-5) = 1 Damage
Arrow #2: 4 (-5) = 0 Damage

Not having had much experience with the undead, Tam-Tam is horrified to watch as the Zombie virtually ignores the two arrows that thunk into his decayed chest. A slight moan of aggravation is the only effect that the two arrows seem to have on the relentlessly advancing automaton.


The undead minions attack in concert, going after whomever is closest within their reach;

Lathir Gibbon is attacked by the Skeleton he previously attacked, along with another Skeleton and a Zombie. (3 Opponents)
Tam-Tam is attacked by the Zombie he shot at, as well as by a Skeleton. (2 Opponents)
Respen is attacked by a Zombie. (1 Opponent)


Zombie vs. Lathir: 20 (Hit); Damage = 5 pts.
Skeleton vs. Lathir: 13 (Miss)
Skeleton vs. Lathir: 19 (Hit, Confirm: 16, Critical); Damage = 9 pts.
Zombie vs. Tam: 15 (Miss)
Skeleton vs. Tam: 2 (Miss)
Zombie vs. Respen: 18 (Miss)

The Zombie that tries to grab Respen is repelled by some sort of magical barrier, which seems to emanate from Respen's staff; otherwise, the Zombie would have found his flesh.

Tam-Tam, being light on his feet, easily avoids his clumsy attackers, although the Zombie on him doesn't miss by much. Tam's small size enables him to escape the Zombie's grasp.

However, Lathir Gibbon is not so lucky; he easily dodges the first Skeleton, much in the same manner as Tam; but out of all the party, he has the most opponents, and they are simply too many, and too close; the Zombie slams his cold fist into Lathir Gibbon's back, knocking the wind out of him, and pushing him forward onto the Skeleton's waiting scimitar, which gives him a nasty cut. Luckily, it is not a direct stab; instead, the sword catches him on the left side of his torso, just under the ribcage, not low enough to pierce the kidney.

Lathir has taken a total of 14 pts. of damage.
Lathir's Skeleton has taken a total of 4 pts. of damage
Tam's Zombie has taken a total of 1 pt. of damage.

Thallok: It's your turn. What do you do?


Thallok holding his Falchion thinks to himself, hopefully my strike will have better luck. He then strikes the zombie directly in front of him with a mountain hammer strike.

Attack roll: 16+7=23
Damage roll: 6+7=13
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Thallok Takes Action!

Thallok glances about him, looking for an enemy!

There isn't a Zombie directly in front of you; however, you are within easy reach of the Zombie on Tam-Tam, so I moved you 10 ft., and selected him as your target.


Thallok quickly moves around his new-found allies, to position himself next to Tam, whom he can see is in great peril. He moves swiftly, and with a ferocity that is inspiring to watch.

Martial Spirit stance:

Martial Spirit 001.jpg

Thallok brings his huge Falchion down upon the Zombie with a controlled rage, which could only be described as the Orcish equivalent of a Kiai.

Mountain Hammer strike:

Mountain Hammer 001.jpg

Thallok vs Zombie: (23) Hit
Damage: (Slashing) [Bypasses Zombie's DR] 13 Pts.
Mountain Hammer Damage: 2d6 (6 pts.)
Total Damage Dealt to Zombie: 19 pts.

The Falchion impacts the Zombie's left collarbone, continuing in a left-to-right arc, through the Zombie's torso, literally cleaving the foul thing in half! Lathir is emboldened by the fierce display!

Zombie reduced to -4 hit pts; Undead which drop to 0 or fewer hit pts. are automatically destroyed.
Lathir is healed for 2 pts; Lathir is still down by 12 hit pts.

SYLVAR: It's your turn. What do you do?


Upon seeing the Orc thankfully dispatch the Zombie with such ease, Tam-Tam gazes up at Thallok and says, with respectful jocularity:

"I want to hang out with you."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Posted from my phone. Ugh.

Sylvar moves 10 feet, to stand beside Thallok.

Movement ends in the square directly South of Thallok.
Will update map later on to reflect this.
Sylvar vs. Skeleton: (22): Hit.
Naginata damage: 9 (-5 DR, Not a Bludgeoning weapon) = 4 pts.

Sylvar takes a mighty swing with his pole weapon, and while it is less effective than he'd hoped, the sheer weight behind the swing is enough to stagger the Skeleton, although it does not drop him.

VALE: It's your turn. What do you do?

Aust Thale

Vale, A Priestly Dwarf Among the Undead....

~ This strategy calls for a group effort...~

Vale's first dwarven instinct is to wade into the melee; nothing would give him greater pleasure than dispatching these poor creatures. Mindless undead could certainly be deadly, but they were hardly there of their own accord. The dwarven cleric would most prefer dispatching the evil creature who created them.

Holding his axe in his left hand, Vale opens his hands wide and takes as much as possible of the meager light from the center of the well, and prays to the dwarven pantheon, particularly the arch-deity Clangeddin Silverbeard.

He chants in formal, high dwarven, "By all that is holy and upright, be gone! By all that is holy and upright, away wretched creatures. Release your souls to the afterlife, and be DONE."

And holding his right hand toward the foul creatures advancing on the party, he nearly goes to his knee, the hilt of the axe biting the ground, the holy symbol within the back of the axe facing the creatures, blade toward them, flat.

"Be gone foul creatures, in Silverbeard's name!"

OOC: Vale's priestly garments permit turning at 6th level: #1d20+3 = 5; Turning Level = 4th. Total Hit Dice Turned (collective): 16. All undead within the 16 HD that have 3 or less hit dice are destroyed vs. turned.

Good job, you're getting the hang of this!
Skeletons = 1 HD; Zombies = 2 HD; You turn 4HD creatures, which means you can DESTROY creatures of 2 HD or less. There are 3 Skeletons (3 HD) and 2 Zombies (4 HD) for a total of 7 HD worth of creatures. You affected 16 total HD, which means that you utterly destroy the remaining undead.

As Vale pronounces the judgment of Clangeddin, the undead creatures are bathed in holy light, and burned to ash in a single instant.

COMBAT HAS ENDED. But the story continues... i.e., when I have some more time, I will award xp, and resolve a few loose ends, thereby wrapping up Chapter 3. STAY TUNED!! :)
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Aust Thale

Post Battle Movement - Respen & Vale

Vale: ~ Thank you Lord Silverbeard and all the Dwarven Lords and Arch-Lords ~

Vale wastes little time to notice the effects of Lathir's spell, their short melee, and his turning. He notices remains, that particular word being the best to describe it. He moves quickly to a position northwest of the well's aperture.
OOC: 7 spaces across, 5 down
His eyes narrow, looking north up the passageway, darkvision focused to the edges of its range. He searches the sides and ceiling of the cavern with his native dwarven gifts navigating underground spaces.
OOC: search 1d20+5 = 24; What part of the cavern looks recently excavated vs. old?
GM: This is a natural cavern, including the upward 'vent' to the surface; this vent was simply widened by man-made processes to make water access easier.
" The rest of you search this area. I'm paying attention down the tunnel. Thallok, would my watching my back. " Vale is struck by the irony of a red orc guarding a dwarf's back. He chuckles to himself.

Respen: ~ Let's shed some light on the subject ~

Seeing Vale move to the edge of the opening from the well to the tunnel extending north of the well, Respen thinks about the immediate cavern. He opens his backpack and removes a large sack and two Sunrods, putting one in his belt and striking the other against one of the wall of the cavern to activate it. "I have torches as well, but I think illumination is preferable to fire at the moment. While we have daylight, I want to protect this hole, as it is our primary way out. These will last for 6 hours. " With the Sunrod, Respen moves through the cavern, examining the spiked poles in the aperture.
OOC: Are the poles easily removed from the ground?
GM: The spikes were melted into liquid slag by Lathir's Flame Strike spell. The slag is beginning to cool now.
He also quickly moves around the cavern walls examining for any alcoves or secret doors or other tunnels. ~ This is a well, or at least it was. Where did the water recede to? This is a forest, and there appears to be no drought. Where is the water? ~
GM: That will be explained in my next post
He scans the ground littered with remains from their onslaught, looking for anything interesting, magical or otherwise. He deposits anything worthwhile in the sack. He specifically avoids the area that Vale is in, but he does examine the corners of the hole.
OOC: Is there loose dirt or traces of recent activity, especially in the southwestern corner of the hole?
GM: No.
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