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Hell's Invasion Prologue (Evan Tyler) [IC]


GM: Post your character application in the next post right after mine so it will be easier to find later on for reference and updating.

Then post your 1st IC post in the next one after that.

Evan was probably going about his business on D-Day. Where was he and what was he doing when the first gate to hell opened near him?
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Evan Tyler

Professional stunt driver and modern day Renaissance man.

Evan is fairly unremarkable looking young man with brown hair, brown eyes, average height and average build. He's fairly cheerful and a little bit prone to being overenthusiastic.

When he was a young boy, he loved movies, all kinds of movies, but especially action movies. He'd rewatch his favorite scenes over and over again. But growing up was a series of disappointments as real life kept insisting on intruding on the cinematic world. 'Nobody drives like that, except in the movies.' 'Nobody could survive that, except in the movies.' 'Things don't blow up like that, except in the movies.' And so he went into the movies.

Evan was never really cut out to be an actor, but that wasn't the part of the movies that excited him anyways. He found work as a stunt man, building his way up from just being the guy who gets thrown through windows, teaching himself all sorts of different skills. Whatever's needed. Now he's a driver, a rigger, a fighter, whatever it takes to make sure the shot goes well and everything looks great.

Evan has…
Strength: d12
Agility: d8
Health: d12
Perception: d10
Wisdom: d20
Luck: d10

Evan’s Skills/Powers
1. Acrobatics d20
2. Climb d20
3. Craft (Automotive) d20
4. Drive d20 ->d8 (12pts)
5. Knowledge Physical Sciences d20
6. Knowledge Technology d20
7. Occupation or Profession (Stuntman) d20
8. Repair d20
9. Archaic Weapons Skill d20
10. Unarmed Combat d20
11. Tricked out vehicle d20
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Production Set for The Fast & The Furious 8 - B roll
Southern California

Evan's hands tightened on the wheel, as he sped along the narrow stretch of road. His hands were safely at ten and two, but he was driving at speeds that showcased a reckless disregard for local traffic ordinances. He was coming up very quickly on the school bus ahead of him.

"Mark one."

Evan yanks sharply on the wheel, swerving left to avoid the cart that suddenly rolled into the street ahead of him. Driving into incoming traffic, he popped the clutch, shifted and then redlined his engine as he gained yet more speed trying to overtake the school bus. The oncoming SUV just added that little bit of excitement, it's horn blaring wildly as he powered towards it.

"Mark two."

Another pull on the wheel, and Eva slid back into the right lane, just ahead of the school bus, avoiding the SUV's front bumper by a matter of inches. Well, really a couple of feet, but from certain camera angles it would look a lot closer.

"Cut. We had a problem with some of the lighting, we're gonna reset and take it again from the top in fifteen."

- - - - -

"I don't get it, Evan."

Evan looked over at Mike as they got the car back to Mark zero for another take. He could tell by the self-satisfied grin on the grip's face that he didn't want to ask the obvious question. But Mike was a good buddy, and sometimes you had to play the straight man for your friends, even at your own expense. That's just part of being a friend.

"What don't you get, Mike?"

"I don't get how you can drive straight towards an oncoming car like that without flinching ..."

Evan waved a hand dismissively, "It's not that dangerous, it's all measured and metered and ..."

Mike pushed on, ignoring Evan's interjection. "I don't get how you can drive straight towards an oncoming car like that without flinching, but still can't work up the courage to ask out Debbie (Who Works in Craft Services)." You could actually hear the parentheses in his voice.

Evan groaned and wished for the thousandth time that he'd never mentioned his crush to Mike. "Can you please stop calling her that? She has a last name ... I just don't know what it is."

"Uh huh, and you never will, because you don't have the balls to even go TALK to her."

Evan looked around, desperate for an exit from this conversation, and was saved by the appearance of the director's assistant.

"Hey Mike, what's so funny?"

"Evan's crush on Debbie."

"Debbie? Who works in Craft Services?"

Mike collapsed in a fit of giggles, while Evan just buried his face in his hands. But after a moment, he looked up and over to the table where the selfsame Debbie was currently laying out little sandwiches for the crew. She tucked an errant strand of hair behind one ear, and flashed a sweet smile at something someone said to her, and Evan's heart clutched in his chest.

Evan stepped out into the street (or recreation of a street), and smiled a confident grin he didn't really feel. "Alright, fine. I'm going to go talk to her. What's the worst that could happen?"

That, of course, is the moment all Hell broke loose. Literally.[/section]
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Evan heard a muffled scream and roar. Across the faux street, there was another indoor studio where the sound proofing was not contained. Likely someone left the door open while they were shooting some horror scene or something. It was okay since the make-believe street was not really in use that day anyway.

Evan wasn't going to pay it anymore attention, focusing instead on what he was going to say to Debbie.

Then an actor, likely an extra, stumbled out of the facade of the store front between him and the studio. He was covered in fake blood spatter. It was hard to tell what sort of flick they were shooting and Evan could not recall any B-movies being filmed there... There was another scream from the studio.

The extra collapsed on the pavement, face first. Looking down at his back Evan could see a trio of 18 inch gashes down his back that had ripped his clothes and flesh underneath into ribbons. There was some really good special effects going on in that studio next door and the extra was really playing it up. Or was he? The man did not move.


[section]Evan threw up his hands at the sight of the collapsed extra, expecting some sort of prank or joke being pulled over on him. He turned back to look at Mike who just shrugged and shook his head. Another quick look around showed no cameras, or crew that he might be stepping in the way of. He took a couple of steps towards the prone figure, he still wasn't moving, and those gashes looked awful realistic. Kneeling down, he poked at the man's shoulder.

"Hey, buddy. You alright?"[/section]
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The movie extra did not move. Evan got a better look at the rents in the man’s back and they were deep. There was no longer blood pumping out and the smell of voided bowls let loose was a mingled with the smell of blood.

Mike had exclaimed, “Holy sh-… What is happening over there?”

“We need to call an ambulance!” He turned away towards the studio offices as he pulled out his smart phone. The noise from the screams was getting louder, followed by a loud roaring laughter. Mike wanted to hear better when he dialed 911.

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[section]Evan stands and stumbles away from the extra, backing up even as he realizes a little more of what was going on. Mike's comments slowly penetrate his mind. Still in shock, he manages to stutter out a reply, heedless of the fact that Mike is already dialing.

"What? Uh, yeah. Call 911." *911 isn't going to help this guy.*

In a daze, Evan looks down at the body again, then looks up to the direction of the noisy studio. *What's going on in there?*

He leaves the body behind, it doesn't mind, and tries to follow it back to where it came from, see if he can't figure out what happened. A little more steadily, he calls back over his shoulder to Mike.

"I'm going to go check it out."[/section]


Going through the fake storefront where the dead man stumbled out of was as simple as walking through a doorway. The studio where the screams and such was coming from was about 50 feet farther down. The screams were less as Evan got closer to the open hanger doors.

There was the smell of sulfur in the air and some smoke coming through the 6-foot opening between the two large sliding doors. Another man came running out from the studio, looking over his shoulder back inside and then sprinted in the opposite direction of Evan.

Getting closer to the opening, Evan was able to see inside.

The interior of the studio was a wreck and chaos. There was a fire started and part of the set was burning. There were people on the floor, scattered and sprawled in unusual positions that were not natural. There were some even dismemberment.


Midst of it all was a 8-foot tall, black skinned creature with large bat-like wings. His skin was scaly and he had a lizard-like tail, feet that ended with clawed toes. His head was roughly humanoid, except really ugly with and larger nose and a mouth full of teeth that could not be contained inside. He had malevolent eyes with red pupils. There were horns coming out of the back of his head and he had little pointed ears.

His hands had talon-like fingers and they were clutching a blond woman who was so panicked she could not scream. With a gleeful expression he twisted her neck with a cracking crunch and then bit down on it. It was a large flesh rendering bite to taste the blood of a dying woman, not the seductive kiss of a vampire like those glorified movies.


[section]Evan is frozen in fear as he watched the woman killed before his eyes. This wasn't special effects, this was, despite all evidence to the contrary, real. In a daze, he stumbles away from the doorway, retching and heaving. Still unable or unwilling to grasp the implications, he starts making his way back down the hallway and the cleansing reality of daylight. He clings to the wall as he goes, reassured somewhat by its solid feel under his hands and muttering to himself, shaking his head in a one-sided argument.

"You just let her die, Evan.
I couldn't do anything.
You just stood there and she died, Evan.
What was I supposed to do?
Scream, yell, anything! But you did nothing, Evan - nothing."
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Behind Evan a blue and white golf cart rolled up, catching his attention. Two rent-a-cop security guys piled out, drew their little handguns, and cautiously entered the studio through the hangar doors.

Evan could hear one shout out, “Freeze! Don’t move!”

“Yeah, whatever sick thing you got going on here is done!” yelled the other.

There was a cackling laugh that was deep in tone, but did not sound quite human.

The first guard shouted, “Hey, put that- unggh.”

There was some pop-pops of small arms fire and a roar like a lion.


[section]Evan winces as he hears the sound of the security guards' confrontation with ... whatever. He gets caught up in trying to process what he's seen and has to shake his head to clear it. Can't stop to think about 'whats' ... just gotta move forward. Back into the mocked up set, he does his best to ignore the body still lying in the middle of the road.

He looks around at his friends, coworkers, Debbie... and calls out, his voice faltering at first.

"um... everyone... Evans coughs hesitantly, and then continues, louder and steadier. We need to leave, er... evacuate. Everyone needs to evacuate the set. There's a ..." *don't name it, can't say it* "There has been an Incident. Everyone please evacuate the set."

He looks around, hoping everyone doesn't stop to ask questions, but unsure what he should do himself.[/section]


Trying to downplay the situation did not go over very well. The handful of people that were attracted to screams and body on the fake street were the same sort that our hang around a crime scene or bad car wreck to get a sight of what happened. Many were talking at once, asking what was happening and why they needed to leave.

There were a few more of those pop-pops from handguns, but that did not scare anyone in the movie business. They all were used to blanks being fired.


Mike had appeared and was still holding his mobile phone, "Evan, I got the emergency dispatcher on the phone. They want to know more." He held the phone out to Evan.

The others stopped asking questions and turned to look as one of the rent-a-cops came crashing through the faux store front about 50 feet away. Whatever sent him flying had lofted him through the second story and he landed farther down the faux street with a sickening thud.


[section]Evan stares blankly at Mike for a moment, and then he looks down at the offered phone as if he's unsure what the device is or is for. After a moment he comes to his senses and takes the phone.

"I can't really tell you what's going on, I don't know." He considers for a moment what he can say without the dispatcher just assuming it's some random crank call. "There's a lot of hurt people, I think some sort of big wild animal? Maybe something got loose from one of the shoots? I don't know. But there's also a fire, probably electrical."

He holds the phone away from his ear, covering the mic with his hand and looks at Mike, shaking his head.

"You wouldn't believe me if I tried to tell you what I saw in there, man. But I'm serious, we have got. to. GO. Like, now. Round up whoever you can convince and get them into anything that'll move." He gestures at the vehicles set up for the shoot. "No time to get to the employee lot, just get people the f--- out."

He looks down at the phone again and speaks into it again. "I can hear gunshots now, too. Something else is going on here, like terrorists or something." Then without waiting for a response from the dispatcher, he hangs up and tosses it back to Mike, making his way for the car from the shoot when he remembers his 'mission' from just a few minutes ago. He stops and looks around for Debbie, hoping that she had the sense to leave already ... [/section]



Mike went about herding the milling people away from the body of the rent-a-cop in the street and towards the electric golf carts people used to wheel around the sets. There were a couple of other vehicles, but no one had keys readily available for them. It was like trying to round up cats.

The cars that were going to be used in the shoot were there, but they were not very practical for carrying many people. Evan knew where the keys were kept for the black Dodge Charger though. He would find them inside the center console between the front seats.

The nasally voice of the emergency dispatcher spoke as Evan tossed the phone, <"Sir…,">

Mike caught it and said, “Can you repeat that?.... Uh huh… Yeah, we are getting the hell outa here.”


At the farther end of the street, Evan wanted in macabre fascination as the second rent-a-cop dashed across pursued by the black skinned, winged creature flying after. The creature grabbed his head in very muscular hands that ended in clawed fingers. A twist and yank, the head was removed. The rest of body stumbled a step on momentum to go sprawling.

The creature hovered and gained a few more feet in altitude as it looked to be examining its prize. It had a thick lizard-like tail that twitched back and forth like cat that was happily examining a mouse it caught.

Two more rent-a-cops rolled up from the other direction to stop their electric golf cart. They were staring in speechless horror.
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[section]Evan tries to look away as the monster kills the security guard, but his gaze is locked. He sees two more pull up in their cart, and curses to himself, they're just gonna get themselves killed.

*Unless something distracts it*

A shiver runs down Evan's spine as the thought passes through his mind. He starts talking to himself, "What're you doing, man? This isn't a movie. Don't get yourself killed." But he clearly isn't listening to himself as he's already made it into the driver's seat of the Charger.

He scrambles for the keys, and fastens himself into the safety harness. Revving the engine loudly, he peels out, barreling down the street towards the hovering beast. He leans heavily on the horn and screams out the window as he tries to draw the creature's attention.

"HEY, UGLY!"[/section]



Mike called to Evan, “She says First responders have been dispatched and are on route. They said someone should meet them on the street as they arrive and direct them to where you last saw the shooters or this beast. Animal control has been called…”

“Or not,” was the last thing Evan heard from Mike as he revved the Charger’s engine in preparation of taking off.

He vaguely heard the rent-a-cops calling out, “Hey, man! What are you-”


The creature took noticed of the black car barreling towards it. It did not appear to care as it licked the blood from its lips after tasting the severed head’s stump. It tossed the head at oncoming car and it bounced off the hood, hit the windshield leaving a red smear, and was gone over the roof.

It remained there, blocking the street in hover about a foot off of the ground.

[sblock=OOC]If you want to add some randomness to outcome, you can roll 1d8 for Evan's driving and 1d12 for the Demon's ability to dodge. Low number wins. I will resolve the damage though. [/sblock]


[section]Evan's eyes meet the creature's as it turns to face him. He flinches slightly as the severed head rolls off his windshield, but keeps his hands steady, narrating to himself.

"Alright, step one complete - you've got his attention. Now what?"

He notes that the creature seems not at all concerned about two tons of metal bearing down on him, and given his ability to shrug off bullets, maybe he didn't have cause to be. Evan does his best to judge the reach on those wicked claws and keeps angled directly for the beast until the last possible moment, then trying to swerve around.

OOC: The intention wasn't necessarily to ram the demon, but to catch it's attention and (ideally) have it chase the car, leading it away from people and more potential casualties.

drive - [roll0]
demon - [roll1]



The Dodge Charger handled well and had good suspension as Evan swerved. The flying creature had risen up to potentially avoid getting clipped, and took a swipe at the speeding car with a clawed hand as it went by. Evan heard the screech of rending metal as the creature effectively ‘keyed’ the car’s roof.

Looking back into the rear-view mirror could see the flying creature whirling to follow.

The chase was on!

Farther back, the two newly arrived rent-a-cops followed after, but at a slower pace and without drawing attention to themselves.

[sblock=GM Note]No worries. The dice rolling was only if you wanted to try hitting the demon. [/sblock]


[section]Evan cringes at the sound of the creature's claws on the charger's paint job. The director was gonna be pissed ... assuming he survived the day. He angled the rear view mirror to catch a view of his pursuer.

"Okay, ugly. Let's see what you can do."

He races as fast as he dares off through the backlots, trying to stall for time and the arrival of what he could only hope would be a heavily armed SWAT team. If there's any indication the creature can't keep up, he'll fall back every so often to that it doesn't get bored and go for easier prey.
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The creature pursued, but had no chance of matching the Charger's acceleration or top speed. But it was definitely faster than a bicycle.

Unfortunately, there were not a whole lot of straightaways on the studio grounds for Evan to use. He was always needing to turn and corner around things. It made it hard to keep tabs on the creature using the rear-view mirror at all times.

After drift turning around a studio building, Evan looked back and did not see the creature fly around the corner after him. He was in a straight stretch of road that ran 100 yards between two studio warehouses that had 20 foot tall sides to them.

Level Up!

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