D&D 5E Heroes of Krynn Survey is live!

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I find it...encouraging they asked specifically about ASI. ;)

My closing comments...

Races should have default Ability Score Increase.

Kender should not be walking magical bags of holding, just let them be thieves!

Feats should no longer be 'optional' first.

Alignment restrictions that make sense, add to the game.

The Lunar Sorcerer is clunky and the benefits aren't worth the clunk. I wish they would give it more significant features tied to the phases of the moon beyond the spell lists, but since the sorcerer has such a mediocre spell list at best, anything more then this will seem overpowered or broken when in reality its just making it good. Alas, the fate of the sorcerer.

Background feats get a big +1 from me.


I go to the page, but keep getting a something went wrong response. 😟

I think the survey went down for half an hour or so. I got kicked out with an error message halfway through. I think it's back now, though I can't tell for sure, since it's now convinced that I've already completed the survey.


No rule is inviolate
I said my bit. I voiced my displeasure with the fear of doing anything remotely unique for a setting and instead trying to homogenize it all. Fitting the square peg of Dragonlance into the "everything works let's just call it something different" model of WOTC made me feel like this, cause I want DL to be a part of D&D again:


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