D&D 5E Heroes of Krynn UA Survey is up

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1. Character Rules? Very Dissatisfied. Boring.

2. Kender? Very Dissatisfied.

"Give the Kender back a 'magical pocket' and simply indicate its up to the player how items get there. It doesnt need to be magical, LET THEM BE THIEVES."

3. Feats: Fine.
4. KoS: Fine.

5. Mages of High Sorcery? Very dissatisfied. Add back Alignment restriction.

Blah blah.

Additional Comments?

"Add back Alignment restrictions.
Add back the Race default Ability Score assignment.
Add back a 'magic pocket' for Kender, and let them be thieves!"


I went from being disillusioned with some of the changes they'd made to things in the first UA, that I didn't even bother with the survey. This time I went in to say that I'm liking the revision.

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