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Kender? Very Dissatisfied.

"Give the Kender back a 'magical pocket' and simply indicate its up to the player how items get there. It doesnt need to be magical, LET THEM BE THIEVES."

I don't get the hang up on Ace/Pockets. It was novel as a racial trait, but it's not a defining feature of the kender race's mechanics in 2e or 3e according to official sources. Kender in 2e were basically halflings with taunt, fear immunity and better thief skills. in 3e, they were likewise halflings with bonuses to bluff and thief skills and immunity to fear. The current kender has the exact same features: taunt, fearless, and a bonus rogue skill. While Ace was an interesting idea, it was never part of a kender's kit of core racial abilities.

If you want to simulate the Ace ability, make kenders who walk through any suitably large community roll 1d4 trinkets off the trinket table and be done with it.

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James Gasik

We don't talk about Pun-Pun
"Never" part of the Kender's racial abilities? Dragonlance Adventures begs to differ.


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"Never" part of the Kender's racial abilities? Dragonlance Adventures begs to differ.
Hmmm... Not in 2e (Tales of the Lance and Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings) or 3e (Dragonlance Campaign Setting). Doesn't seem like it was a core component of the racial features. So how about "never" replaced with "hasn't been in 30 years"?


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I was satisfied with everything. I pointed out that Precision attack puts Sharpshooter and Great Weapon Master even further ahead of other weapons but that it’s OK since the gap to spell casters is even bigger. I always sign off by asking for more variety in weapon feats and a Metamagic/Eldritch Adept equivalent for Ki. They finally made a Monk attunement item so there’s hope.

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