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Owyn will reserve his reaction to punish anyone who attacks somebody other than himself. Or is moving to do so. That said, not knowing who is where, he'll happily tie up Mindra's attacker as well as the leader.

Steve Gorak


Just wondering if Theremin could leverage his noble status with the attackers and their bosses. Am I dreaming in color that he could somehow influence the attackers in accepting a truce? Theremin is LN, and very much pro nobility & establishment, so I figure that he’d at least try to help/save soldiers that are on what was his side before the war ended. What do you think?
I’m assuming a few things here, and don’t fully recall all the historical details.
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Theremin could try. However, he's from the third faction (Helveki), so likely they won't think much of him. You are in a village of descendants and veterans of Essen, and the attackers were from the Imperial side of the three-way war. You do have some factors on your side. Theremin has high Charisma as a bard; Owyn is Imperial; and you have prisoners you could return or use for negotiation leverage. There may be other factors, depending on what you say.


Looking like it might potentially be a while at this rate? No idea where to find the key, have to broker peace and who knows what? How long had they been going before levelling up as-is?

Lord Twig

I will abstain for now on whether we should level up. On the one hand, I don't think in game time was that long ago. On the other forum games are very slow. So...

Level Up!

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