(IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 2

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A suffusion of yellow
Peeling himself off the wall Kahru saw the gush of blood burst from the Giant chieftains bulbous nose, his eyes traced the flight of the arrows back to the boy and wide eyed and impressed, the barbarian yelped joyously as the great hummock of a king toppled to the ground.

This is what they had come for and pulling his axe, and flensing knife* the barbarian looked forward to cutting Nosrs head from his obese neck and bestowing that trophy on the worthy squire.
But before that could occur there was the issue of the chieftains blubbering wife bent over her dead husbands corpse - the savage northman swung at her head sure that with both king and queen dead, the morale of the other giants would be broken making them so much easier to subdue!


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Duvrael nods his thanks to Doc -- if it wasn't for that one's frighteningly accurate shots, he would be facing the vengeful yuan ti gods right now! -- before turning his attention back to the hill giant chieftess.

He smiles as he watches her being assaulted on all sides by his companions. Lamenting his lack of more powerful spells or those that do not immolate his reliable allies, the wizard casts a simple necromantic spell.

A small, skeletal hand forms over the giant's head, and it grasps her arm. Where it touches her, the flesh greys and shrinks, but it seems like a tiny nuisance to the enormous creature.

Choosing to be cautious, Duvrael then moves out of her sight.

OOC: Casting the cantrip Chill Touch at the Chieftess, with advantage:
2D20.HIGH(1)+9 = [13, 17]+9 = 26 (hit)
for 2D8 = [2, 1] = 3 necrotic damage
and target cannot regain hitpoints until my next turn.

Then move out of her line-of-sight, to BB-48.

Duvrael AC12(15) HP 17/56 THP 0/13 HD 9/9 PP15* SSdc17 2/4 0/3 2/3 0/3 0/1


Kahru leaped off a bed and over the arm of the dead chief and hacked at the giantess with his axe and flensing knife. Absently, she defended with a swatting arm, taking the wounds to her fat forearm.

Duvrael sent a skeletal hand that necrotised her flesh. Seeing that the chieftess was not properly defending herself in her grief, one of the few remaining giants turned to defend her. Shambling over the beds and bodies, this giantess lifted her club and spotted the Colonel on his back. As the old soldier tried to clamber to his feet, she brought the club down with a powerful blow that flattened him to the scorched wooden floor.

Satisfied that the Colonel was down, the giantess turned on Kahru and smashed him too, though the northman was better able to lessen the lethality of the blow by stumbling sideways.

OOC: HG3 did 35 (ouch) to Colonel (who's down) & 17 (8 from rage?) to Kahru. Kahru did 16 (@Tonguez if he's raging, shouldn't it be more?) & Duvrael did 3 to Chieftess. I think I'm just wainting on @Maxperson Kaligan to roll the round.


Morkus from Orkus
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It had been foolish of the giant to turn away from her earlier opponent. Even though the act had allowed her to fell an enemy; even though she was protecting her chieftess; yet still it was a mistake. Kaligan strode forth and cut her down.

She fell dead to the floor, leaving the wailing chieftess alone as the rest of the giants fled toward the south-west door.

OOC: Kaligan killed HG3.

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